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Using Sway Bars on Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth Cars

Bradley Miller wrote:

Check out the Daytona heavy duty sway bars -- I don't have the sizes in front of me.  I used a hollow bar from K-car on the Shelby -- how?  You cut off the ends -- again this changes the roll rate of the bar.  (Shorter effort arm -- more force required to twist it.)  The hollow bar sheds
unsprung weight too.

While there, put in the heavy duty sway bar bushings -- I got some Energy Suspension ones to put on.  (Don't remember that company name for sure . . . )

As for the lowering -- just changing tires can make a killer effect on the car.  I went from 195-60HR15's to 195-50's and got IMMENSELY different handling from my old 2.5L Duster.  The tires are the biggest key to making anything work -- too much sidewall deflection, and suddenly your squirming around on an inch of tread on the sidewall.  Between that and a decent alignment, you'd be surprised what can be done.   One note -- try the welded up rear axle -- it consists of basically boxing that U channel that forms the rear axle.  This keeps the rear end from flexing.  Be sure to stitch weld -- alternating to keep from warping the axle.  Ed Peters said he has a jig to do those axles all at one time -- but just taking your time you can do it while on the car.  (Make sure the car is level and loaded equally!)

Ed Hennessy wrote:

I'd be a little surprised if there were readily-available rear bars, since the AAs use the same setup as most K derivatives--the rear bar is inside the tube axle, and it's not a bolt on, but rather a weld-in.  It *can* be done, but it won't be as easy as the front bar, which uses traditional brackets and bushings.  The exception would be taking one out of a junkyard car, by swapping the whole axle, but you'd have to get the dimensions right.  Without looking it up, I can't say whether, say, a Daytona and a Spirit had the same rear track. The front bars I'd think would be rather easy to come by.

Edward J. Kelly wrote:

I thought there was somebody out there that made a bolt on rear sway bar for atleast the P-body.  I believe that it connected at the hinge point for the rear axle and had "arms"  that went down towards the rear beam axle...

Checking my LRE catalog, I do see _rear_ sway bars listed for the L, G, P, H,  rampage, minivan, and Neon body cars, but there is no description on how these are installed.  According to my Spring '96 price sheet, the cost ranges from $120 to $156.25...  Unfortunately I don't see any listings for AA cars.

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