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Chrysler Fault Code 32: Lamp or EGR failure

For 1984 models only code 32 will be thrown if the power limited lamp or circuit fails. Because of this failure the power limited light will not be lit. The system will not enter limp mode.  The solution to this problem is replacing the bulb (or, in rare cases, fixing the wiring to the bulb).

For model years 1985 and above code 32 will be thrown if the ECU doesn’t see a change in the air/fuel ratio when the EGR circuit activates. The power limited light will not be lit and the system will not enter limp mode. Causes and solutions include:

Poor wiring or connection - Read the page ‘How to troubleshoot drivability issues’. Check the wiring and connections from the logic module to the power limited lamp.   Clean and re-grease the connectors with dielectric grease.

Defective EGR valve -   Failed emissions may result if the EGR valve is stuck open or closed. At idle or low RPM if the engine runs poorly the EGR valve may be stuck open. This symptom may also be the result of the transducer valve. Check to see if the transducer valve for vacuum output. When at idle there should be no vacuum output from the transducer. The vacuum should increase when the RPM is raised. If the transducer is working properly the EGR valve should be replaced.

Defective EGR solenoid or Canister purge/EGR solenoid - The solenoids are located in the right, front fender in a cluster of up to 4 solenoids.  In later years the EGR solenoid is mounted on the vacuum transducer, which is right next to the EGR valve.  If a signal from the harness to the solenoid measures 12vdc when the solenoid is off the solenoid will need to be repaired or replaced. See Solenoids-101 for information about how solenoids work and how to test them.

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