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1966 Valiant 200 13" tires - acceptable replacement size

Discussion in 'A Body: Duster, Valiant, Dart, etc' started by bgoggans, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. bgoggans

    bgoggans New Member

    Feb 13, 2012
    The specs for the Milestar tires are just as good (if not better) then the specs for the $150 each tires I found elsewhere, so if you just want to shell out more dough for tires, be my guest. The specs are based off industry standard definitions that ALL tire manufacturers must follow or face recalls and/or lawsuits - anyone remember the Firestone 500 fiasco of the late 70's? Anyone remember the Ford Explorer tire issue - and those tires were Firestone ATX, ATX II, and Wilderness AT tires. Name brands DO NOT = superior. Superior marketing maybe.

    I myself have 4 Nankang CX668 tires on my 1995 Dodge Neon, and after 33K miles over 3 years, they STILL look almost new! I may have to replace two of them next year (after I rotate them, I may not). Nankang and Milestar are both subsidiaries of Tireco. BTW, I just bought 4 Milestar MS75's tires (175/80R13's) from for $254.44 shipped! Now that is a price I can live with!

    As for poor brakes, if you don't keep them up, no tire on the planet will help you there. I had the same set of brakes on my 1967 Dodge Dart, and never once did I have a problem stopping it, and neither did my brother before that - and he lived in the DC metro area for 2 years with it! And in my case, there were several times that I bought pull offs and used tires because I could not afford new ones, and still did not have problems.
  2. babyflitestreak

    babyflitestreak New Member

    Nov 22, 2007
    I was looking at that same Milestar tire above at $59 ea from them. Has anyone dealt with at all in the past? I Googled them but couldn't find any feedback from customers anywhere...good or bad.
    I can get them much cheaper from but read lots of negatives about them selling old dry-rot tires, poor customer service, etc. ...and just as many positives (plants or truth? ...who knows....) I would prefer not to deal with them.
    I would love to switch to 14" using the small bolt pattern Cragars available from Summit Racing but my pocketbook won't allow it. Same issue with just buying Cokers in the 6.50x13 size...too much $$$ eventho they look REAL nice. Maybe someday...the Cragars that is..
    So...anyone have any feedback about
  3. tazdevil

    tazdevil Member

    Nov 14, 2009
    in would only consider where the tire is made. USA, Japan made are good, in many cases. Chinese are very suspect, and boast a very suspect history. I'd look at Cooper for decent prices, and quality, but watch which are American made. It states origin on the tires.

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