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1988 Chrysler LeBaron Turbo Coupe Low Miles

Discussion in 'Cars for Sale or swap' started by FidoSysop, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. FidoSysop

    FidoSysop New Member

    Considering selling my 1988 LeBaron coupe. It's a premium model loaded up with the usual amenities offered back then. Been repainted once and the paint looks good. Original dark burgundy cloth interior. Seats and Headliner are mint but carpets are average. Has very minimal rust under drivers door, and one spot under the LR quarter window (half [I should have my mouth washed out with soap for using such terms] repaired.)

    Mechanically its in excellent condition. Goes down the road like day one. Recently replaced front struts, rear shocks (Monroe.) A/C has all new oem hose assemblies and system retrofitted to R-134a refrigerant. Rebuilt alternator with the 70's style regulator mod. It's old Infinity sound system has been upgraded to HD Fm receiver and all speakers have been replaced.

    Bought it in 2010 from the original owner when it had 49,000 miles. Right after it turned 50k miles the odometer quit working. Speedometer still works, probably cracked odometer drive gears. Guessing the mileage now is around 60,00. as I'm retired and don't drive much, only necessary driving to store doctors etc.

    Asking $3,850 OBO but not desperate to sell. DSC00218.JPG DSC00220.JPG DSC00229.JPG DSC00241.JPG DSC00244.JPG DSC00245.JPG
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  2. djd's turbo

    djd's turbo Member

    Beautiful! Why don't I ever have the funds when something like this is available? You located in Clearwater? Thanks!
  3. Bob Lincoln

    Bob Lincoln "CHECK FAULT CODES" Level 2 Supporter

  4. Dave Z

    Dave Z It's me, Dave Staff Member Supporter

    I can see two choices -
    2.2 T1
    2.2 T2
    Of which I think 2.2T1 is most likely for that car; I don't know if they used the T2 in those.
  5. george w

    george w Member Level III Supporter

    Nice car, don't see these coupes any more. This should be a Turbo 2.2 The all white couples ( and convertibles ) were special in 88 and 89. Marketed as a Turbo GT Coupe or Turbo GT Convertible.
    I still have for sales a perfect set of front seats for one of these cars in the Bordeaux fabric just like on this car.
  6. FidoSysop

    FidoSysop New Member

    It's a T1 wished it was a T2 :)
  7. FidoSysop

    FidoSysop New Member

    Yep, Clearwater. Born and raised in St. Pete. Been here too long - but at 65 I'm too tired to go anywhere else.

    Thought i subscribed to this topics replies. Is that feature still operational? Also how do i edit my post?
  8. FidoSysop

    FidoSysop New Member

    Here are a few more photos taken just now. The others are about 2 years ago when it was detailed. Looks the same now but could stand a high-speed buff and wax. It's parked under our carport out of the suns rays.

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