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1996 Ram 2500 Cummins TD used at INDY 500

Discussion in 'Ram, pickups, commercial trucks' started by Timd32, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Timd32

    Timd32 Member

    Sep 11, 2017
    I'm a TDR member (Turbo Diesel Register) looking for any additional information about the 2500 Ram safety trucks used at the 1996 INDY 500. A member had a truck his dad bought in 1996 and has some special logos and the sort from the race. These are not the blue and white 1500's, these are the red safety trucks.

    I was able to piece together a bunch of info so far. The owner had a stroke a little while back and his son was trying to figure out the value of the vehicle, they want to sell it for some medical bills and wanted a fair price. My opinion is/was they are not a extra special vehicle and they do not really carry a real additional value a bunch of guys chimed in and we came up with a number for him.

    But I was intrigued by the post so I dug as deep as I could figure out as a non-journalist could. And came away with the story of the trucks was pretty neat and it is worthwhile to add this small part into the story of the 2nd Gen series.

    The story of that specific truck has more family value, they have 175k miles worth of camping trips, vacations, hauling stuff around.

    During this whole process I stumbled on the more than complete history of the 2nd Gens as posted on Allpar. And was amazed in how complete a story was there, at first I will admit I was skeptical that this might have been a copy paste link thing, but again a small amount or research uncovered for me a wealth of Chrysler knowledge unlike any thing I have ever seen. So thanks for all the hard work over the years putting this stuff out threr. People do enjoy researching this stuff and this is a pretty amazing collection of information.
  2. marcpilot1

    marcpilot1 Member

    Oct 16, 2012
    [​IMG] I have 98 ram 1500 4x4, Laramie, 4 door ext cab, 5.9L. But it's gas. I just realized that one is the cummins diesel! If theres no rust(or very little), and the mileage isnt bad, the value isnt to low(i'm poor so what seems like a lot to me may not to someone else!)

    Value for just mine is only around 5k. And the dash isn't cracked as all these trucks dashes do. On my gas one, the other issues these got have all been upgraded to fix/prevent most of those, and it's black, w silver trim. I got 15"/33's on it so it "looks" sort of tough, mean, good, etc.

    I'd say with a real run at any race, then used as family vehicle, value would only be a bit more. Maybe 10k. What did you come up with or what do you think you could possibly value it at? The minimum/ max? I could be wayyyyyyy off! But I'd say, 8-12k. Curious to know what # you guys came up though.
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