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2000 Intrepid / remote

Discussion in 'LH: Large Cars, 1993-2004' started by geraldg, Apr 21, 2017 at 11:42 AM.

  1. geraldg

    geraldg Active Member Ad-Free Member

    Have a 2000 and the remote works backward, lock unlocks it and open locks it. So why is this happening ?
  2. MoPar~Man

    MoPar~Man Member

    Maybe the fob is for a different-year Intrepid, or different model entirely? Is this an aftermarket replacement fob?
  3. geraldg

    geraldg Active Member Ad-Free Member

    After looking around this a factory 4 button remote and I have two of them from the original owner.
  4. Tomguy

    Tomguy Member Level 2 Supporter

    Unlock up top, lock, then trunk and panic, in that order?
    If so, maybe your RKIM module is actually faulty. Mine works the right way. Maybe someone on the 300M forums or LH Forums has had this issue, but I'd look into getting a matching RKIM & fob from a junkyard donor car.