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2011 Patriot RES radio help

Discussion in 'Compacts: Renegade, Patriot, Compass, Caliber' started by slosland, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. slosland

    slosland Member

    Mar 17, 2012
    Imperial Crown,

    Can a short, or bad wire or combination of wires touching each other in the harness cause the same symptoms? If so should I suggest that to the techs? We haven't even turned on the radio since we picked up the vehicle.

    I have no RFID chipped devices, no kids or toys in the garage. The only electrical items plugged in are a 1950 fridge, an old '70's stereo receiver, a tv from the 90's and Dewalt drill battery charger, we are very low tech. Nothing inside either vehicle that it didn't come with from the factory. The garage is detached and a good 30 feet from the house. No neighbors within a half mile - I'm rural.

    It is fine once started and runs fine. I have noticed that the right turn indicator flashes normally for the first few flashes, then flashes fast and a chime "dings" the first and only time it is used, after that it flashes fast but no chime.
  2. ImperialCrown

    Level III Supporter

    Jun 8, 2008
    It could be a wire-to-wire short. Not as blatant as a short-to-ground (that would blow a fuse or open the TIPM protection). More like a 'leakage' to ground.
    It would be unusual. I have seen wires melt together in a harness from a past short. Examination of the harness and connectors (visual inspection) should be part of the diagnosis.
    When the chime dings, does a warning light come on? It sounds like a poor ground out by the RF parking lamp? This ground may be shared by other components and possibly keeping a module awake? It certainly should be mentioned as a clue. Sometimes something seemingly unimportant/unrelated that a customer has mentioned at the service desk has helped to break a case.
    G110 is a common trouble area for poor grounding. See post # 15 here:
    2007 Dodge Caliber p0032 p2010 and ac not working (at https://www.allpar.com/forums/threads/2007-dodge-caliber-p0032-p2010-and-ac-not-working.165548/ )
  3. valiant67

    valiant67 Rich Corinthian Leather
    Level III Supporter

    Jan 7, 2003
    I don't think I'd have ever solved the battery drain on my 2007 Magnum. It would randomly drain the battery, especially when the doors were unlocked. It was only after I replaced the PCM for a no start condition that the drain went away. I don't know how I could have ever diagnosed that to the PCM.

    Yours seems much less random, which should help with diagnosis a little.
  4. link3721

    link3721 Yes, This MK Goes Off-Road
    Level 2 Supporter

    Oct 18, 2012
    I think that means a turn signal bulb is out or has a bad connection. I had a bad connection with one of my front turn signals and when the harness wiggled off the housing, I'd get the fast blinking and a message on my evic that said which bulb was out. If you don't have the fancy evic it may just chime to alert with the fast blinking. It's possible that part of the turn harness is corroded and causing the issue.

    I also remember a time I had a rat use my Patriot as a home and it chewed up a whole bunch of wiring (throttle position sensor, air bag sensors, etc). That was an experience...

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