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2011 ram 1500-More 545RFE questions

Discussion in 'Ram, pickups, commercial trucks' started by The Desert Rat, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. The Desert Rat

    Apr 15, 2012
    Hey folks , I wanted to post this , so I CAN sleep tonight ! My 2011 Ram 4x4 1500 4.7L has 108,000 on it . Yesterday and today the tranny started slipping and then again today . I came out on the hiway and not into it but did need to get to 70 fairly quickly , and as I pull out it shifts , then my Tach. went almost up to 3500 rpm. ,, and the truck was not moving as usual . Today it did the same , as I turned off the hiway it did the same thing , only this time it was also not dropping into overdrive . It would go along at 2200-3000 rpm . I hit the "Tow Mode" switch a few times and it would drop in to O/D so-so . It also does like a 2 stage "shudder" when it does drop into O/D . From what I've gleaned off the internet , Remans' go from $1,600-3,400 depending on the build , with 24-36 mo. 30k mileage warranty .
    Then I said oh he!! , and went to ebag to see what a take out was . LKQ has them , from a few hundred up to $1,000+ depending on mileage . I found one for $600.00 with 55k+ miles and around $700 for a unit with 39+k on it . I'm thinking about something . The major problem is doing the work myself .. but labor is between $1,000- $1500. . So where's there's a bill their's a will to do it .
    Here I go again thinking ,,, buy that unit with T/C install it and keep the old unit and rebuild it with new bushings , bearings , kit , pump etc. etc. etc. (MAJOR OVERHAUL) but at least I know what will be in it and to what stage it's built . I started looking at Sonnax / Oregon Performance Transmissions for around $1,000 for the kits etc. What do think , is it a plan or am I "just pissin' in the wind (Preacher in Blazing Saddles) ? I'm considering an older Diesel 2500 later on . Do their trannies experience the same failures as their Gas Cousins ?
    I need some rest , so I hope I can get some solid advice , Steve
  2. ImperialCrown

    Level III Supporter

    Jun 8, 2008
    Try to diagnose this one first. If it is slipping, you don't want to drive it like that for very long or it will need overhaul. If you catch slipping early, you may be OK.
    Is the fluid level OK? Has it had a recent fluid and filter service? Remember that there are 2 filters, the flat main one and a mini spin-on. Use ATF+4 only.
    Low fluid or restricted filters can reduce line pressure and cause slipping. A little 'silt' in the bottom of the pan and on the magnet may be normal. Heavy silt and/or metallic debris could be a problem.
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  3. Rock Popper

    Rock Popper Member

    Aug 9, 2016
    I.C. ,, Thank you for the solid advice ! I'm going to get it into town and see what's happening . The shop I use said it wouldn't always throw a code , but store it and monitor it until possibly the same malfunction occurred . So before I jump off of this cliff I'll get it diagnosed . Way too many factors . But yes , fluid was right where it should be , no damage to any wiring , no leaks .
    Again , thanks , Steve
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  4. Shane Estabrooks

    Shane Estabrooks Active Member

    Dec 9, 2014
    I've had issues with this tranny in the past.. 09 Dodge/Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi. Have you figured things out yet? For me it was the 4-5 gears and at that time I didn't know about Sonnax, but did purchase an aftermarket kit with beefed up clutch plates and in-line pressure boost. That was the best thing .. it was totally amazing. Towing was improved but also the poor guy in the mustang was shocked that i kicked his a$$. Everything improved, fuel mileage, towing, hauling and off-roading and the MDS stayed in longer.. hence better fuel mileage. So if you do any HD work with your truck .. yes it is worth upgrading. At the time I paid about 700 bucks Canadian including shipping from California.
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