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2012 charger review

Discussion in 'Challenger, 300, Magnum, Charger' started by fleetguy, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. fleetguy

    fleetguy Member

    Nov 26, 2017
    Its been a few years since i have posted on this site but thought i would give a review on our 2012 Charger SXT Plus AWD which we purchased new and now has 62,000 miles on it. Overall we have been very happy with the car. Biggest surprise has been fuel mileage 30+ mpg in the summer hwy. driving-excellent in my opinion. Power is very good with the V-6 8 spd. auto. Handling is also very good and winter handling-traction with the all wheel drive has been excellent.The motor has been smooth and quiet and i still have the original left cylinder head no issues unlike some have had. At 31,000 the transmission developed a noticeable whine in reverse only with no other noticed effects. The transmission was replaced under warranty with the guess being a snap ring broke as the fluid was clean and no shavings-shrapnel in the pan.One blend door motor failed out of warranty which i replaced myself for around 30.00 New one was on about the 4th revision so they have made some changes as these have been somewhat problematic. When i took it apart the post or shaft that one of the gears ride on had snapped off allowing the gear to move and "skip teeth' when turning. I have had a handful of software updates for various items such as trans shifter light on- radio issues- airbag, mil illumination etc. All of the software updates cured the issues i was having.There is a pending alternator recall and the air bag inflator recall also there was a recall where they gave you wheel chocks to prevent the vehicle from slipping off the jack when changing a flat. Also had the shifter recall done. In cooler weather there is an occasional crack or snapping noise from the cowl lower windshield area which is not uncommon on these and i have not done anything with it. Still on original brake pads -rotors and the original Michelin tires which appear like they will make it to 70,000 miles. Brake pads may make 90,000 rotors have picked up a slight pulsation and may need to be turned-replaced in the near future. The key for me with this car has been a good dealer which has correctly diagnosed and repaired any issues the first time which now days is an accomplishment all by itself. Hope this helps anyone contemplating buying a charger from this era.
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