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2013 Kia Optima intermittent no-start

Discussion in 'Non-Mopar Tech Support' started by T-Dot25, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. ImperialCrown

    Level III Supporter

    Jun 8, 2008
    The key transponder like SKIM or SKREEM is a 'passive' device that holds the 'OK to start' recognition ID.
    The battery is only used in the RKE transmitter part for Remote Start and Door Lock functions, at least in Chrysler vehicles.
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  2. T-Dot25

    T-Dot25 Member

    Aug 3, 2014

    Hey again! Thanks for all your input everyone. It's really appreciated and I thought I would round up this thread as solved but give you the details on what I have found out and learned about these command start key fobs, battery replacement and reprogramming.

    First, the manual -- it did not contain any information pertinent to the current fobs, which was part of the problem because these were not the original command start key fobs. As I found out from a previous work order on the car, she had two command start modules replaced because they failed and with that replacement came different key fobs from what she had.

    Second, in the photographs I posted, I was under the impression that the back was to come off somehow. What I found out is that there is a little lip where the leather strap is that holds the fob to the key ring. Yeah, I had no idea and it isn't that obvious, and the dealer didn't provide any information on how to use the new fobs and how to change out the batteries at the time my sister had brought it in previously to have it checked.

    Moral of the story on the above two issues: I had the dealer print up an instruction booklet for my sister so that she has it on hand to properly use (operate the fob 1 way transmitter commands) and replace the battery (2 X 2016's per fob :eek:) at her will. The service guy didn't specifically say "you have to" reprogram but he recommended because of the immobiliser and command start with key fob. I said to go ahead and do it anyway because I didn't want there to be any problems.

    Lastly, the intermittent no-start: they replaced batteries because voltage was quite low, and as I have said, had it reprogrammed. Apparently, because of no instruction booklet, the car was also apparently in valet mode because the remotes weren't working. Had there been a booklet, I would have been able to disable the valet mode setting through the key, but I don't own command start by any means and not every fob is the same, or vehicle commands for that matter. So, this may have caused the intermittent no-start issue but not necessarily. Non-working key fobs with low battery voltage have known to create wonky signal issues and because of this the command start can immobilize the car, sometimes permanently, until reprogrammed and batteries dealt with. So, that validated my thoughts on just how sensitive command start is and causing no-start issues when fob batteries, special command modes, or failure in communication (wireless signal and codes) are not functioning properly. The answer is a resounding YES, it can!

    So, everything appears to be working and functioning again, but advised my sister to change batteries out on her own in the future and then test to see if the car can recognize the fobs on its own without having to reprogram. All in all, the experience at the dealer was top notch and was really pleased with the results and initiative taken to check the vehicle out.

    and...I now know more about command start / key fobs then I really wanted to o_O, but learned something different that wasn't too familiar to me. I'm just happy to have my own crappy key fob. ;)

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