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2017 Pacifica - New Package

Discussion in 'Mopar News and Rumors' started by Mike V., Mar 10, 2017.

  1. BobbiBigWheels

    BobbiBigWheels I'm likely at work... Ad-Free Member

    Everytime I go to the US I notice 2 things -
    Beaters and new higher/mid trimmed vehicles.

    Around here it's older, well kept vehicles and entry level trims that dominate.
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  2. BobbiBigWheels

    BobbiBigWheels I'm likely at work... Ad-Free Member

    To add to my prior point a bit, because someone is going to mention that Crossroad is technically $4k more than an SXT -

    When a dealer orders a Crossroad, it will not be a "base" Crossroad. Most of the option boxes will be ticked. The vehicle will end up being 6-7k more than an SXT, enough to sticker shock the client away from it.
  3. redriderbob

    redriderbob Mopar Guru! Supporter

    Here in Metro Detroit, it's all about leasing. Those vehicles will all the options checked that the dealers order are all about residual value. Better residual value, usually a better rate from the bank or credit company as I am sure it is where you are. When I sold cars for a Chrysler dealer, we had about 90 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Big Horn 4X4 HEMI trucks on the lot and there were all optioned the same... minus center console or bench seat and color.
  4. Ian

    Ian Car Freak

    Interesting that the AWD is now available on the SXT. IMO, it should've been available on any trim level as long as you can get a V6. Journeys can get quite pricy in Canada. The Crossroad is my favorite.
  5. BobbiBigWheels

    BobbiBigWheels I'm likely at work... Ad-Free Member

    Chrysler Lease was just reintroduced this year in Canada, and it sucks. Residual values are so conservative that the payments are outrageous compared to financing. Also, Ram 2500, 3500, ProMaster, ProMaster City, and SRT are all ineligible for Chrysler Lease. It is a broken, terrible system. We use 3rd Party lease instead because even at a higher interest rate, the payments are lower due to the realistic residual values they use.

    "Your Ram 1500 that you are purchasing for $42,000 CAD will be worth $8,000 in 5 years." It doesn't exactly help me sell the vehicle either.
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  6. UN4GTBL

    UN4GTBL Active Member

    I was actually laughing at the lease amounts the other day