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2018 or 2019 Chrysler 300?

Discussion in 'Mopar News and Rumors' started by Hemidakota, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. randy1911

    randy1911 New Member

    With the news of a new revision of the 6.4 392 for 2018 with 500 hp 500tq can the 300 srt 8 come back to America please. IT'S TIME
  2. redriderbob

    redriderbob Mopar Guru! Supporter

    300 SRT will not be coming back to the US. The Dodge brand will the exclusive SRT brand after the current Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT gets replaced in 2020, with the next generation of Grand Cherokee.
  3. JavelinAMX

    JavelinAMX Active Member

    Perhaps they should re-use a page from the old AMC muscle-car era book, and call non-Dodge SRT-worthy special projects : "Group 19".

    R/T and SRT have their special meanings. GTX was pretty narrow back in the day - Internet Search automobile gtx and it's loaded with Plymouth references. Same with Daytona. MOPAR generates its own perception.

    Is there any other sort of 'Skunkworks' performance reference connected with CDJR? A meaningful reference which can represent something close to SRT?

    Last edited: Mar 19, 2017 at 2:22 PM
  4. Mopar392

    Mopar392 Active Member

    When did this news about 392 upgrade got confirmed?
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  5. sickboy

    sickboy Member

    I haven't seen it confirmed but it was brought up in the 5.7 hemi lives on thread. Many believe that the power is already there in intake and exhaust upgrades for the Daytona and t/a.
    Fwiw, One YouTube video shows a Daytona 392 cracking 500 on the uconnect screen.
  6. randy1911

    randy1911 New Member

    From my understanding the power is there and been rumored and talked about for some time now, some was able to get up 525 hp and 510 lbs of tq out of it. But that may be pushing it to a number where reliability may be an issue. So rumor is 500/500 can be done safely. Lastly bring the 300 in, call it the 300 S plus, dodge can have the srt badge but it's a market for the car if u bring it. Make it limited but just bring it
  7. aldo90731

    aldo90731 Active Member Level III Supporter

    Call it the Chrysler 300 Ragu: all the good stuff is in the juice

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  8. RobbieAG

    RobbieAG New Member

    Another vote here for keeping the next 300 rear wheel drive. I think they should build another vehicle on the Pacifica platform, but in today’s market, a luxury crossover makes much more sense than another sedan.
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  9. dakota21

    dakota21 Member Supporter

    I think the 300 staying RWD is a pretty safe bet based off the bits of info I've seen here. As for the Chrysler crossover vs. FWD sedan, if they can share enough why not both?
  10. CherokeeVision

    CherokeeVision Active Member

    Just as long as your daughter doesn't get Prego in the back seat.
  11. Mike V.

    Mike V. Moderator

    Careful, someone may take you up on that bet.

  12. dakota21

    dakota21 Member Supporter

    :oops: Well, fingers crossed then.