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***'77 hornet 2dr AND 4dr parts car*** Memphis area

Discussion in 'AMC, Eagle, Hudson, Nash, Willys' started by rockosocko, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. rockosocko

    rockosocko Member

    Mar 8, 2013
    MODS, Sorry but there isn't a classified for AMC's

    I'll try and add pics later but since retiring, plans have changed and so have the projects.
    It's a '77 hornet with the AMX package PROJECT (engine and trans axle are gone already) Was a factory 304/4spd, air, pwr steering, louvers.
    Parts car is a 76-77 6cyl, auto 4dr that was vandalized where it had been parked, busting some glass.
    That one is a roller.

    Hoping to get around 1100 for both. I figured that I could get almost that from the scrapper. ($12.60/100lbs as of last friday)

    I'm thinning out the heard and making room for a '65 New Yorker 2dr.
    I'm sorry, tired and can't think straight now.


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