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Actual FCA product ownership

Discussion in 'Chrysler Chat' started by hemirunner426, Apr 20, 2017 at 1:27 PM.

  1. hemirunner426

    hemirunner426 Member Level 2 Supporter

    Seems to me there are a lot of posters on Allpar that do not own any recent FCA product.By recent I mean from MY2010.Please post if you are on Allpar but do not own anything built by FCA.
  2. Doug D

    Doug D Virginia Gentleman

    Well, I can tell you my '06 Ram 1500 (manufactured 11-05) is not an FCA product. It has DaimlerChrysler on the door sticker. My 2010 Journey SXT has Chrysler Group LLC (manufactured 8-09) - I don't think it would qualify as a FCA product.
  3. valiant67

    valiant67 Rich Corinthian Leather Level III Supporter

    I have two independent Chrysler, two DCX and two FCA (which are both variations on pre-FCA designs).
  4. Dave Z

    Dave Z It's me, Dave Staff Member Supporter

    2013 300C, 2013 Dart - one of each ;)
  5. rapidtrans

    rapidtrans Member

    I own a year old Dodge and a 51 year old Dodge. The old one from "The Golden Age" of mopars.
  6. CherokeeVision

    CherokeeVision Active Member

    Still have my 2001 XJ Cherokee.
    Prior to that we had bought 1989 XJ Cherokee and 1994 Eagle Vision.

    Daimler interiors totally sucked in 2008 so we went elsewhere replacing the Vision.
    Waiting, hopefully, for some sort of fixed metal roofed solid axle Jeep to replace my XJ.
  7. codypet

    codypet Active Member

    My Plymouth Voyager is from Chrysler the independent company. I tried to buy a Sebring or an Avenger in 2009, but the dealers in the area were sketchy and tried to pull things on me. I haven't bought a car since.
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  8. Dave Z

    Dave Z It's me, Dave Staff Member Supporter

    We skipped from 2000 300M to 2013 300C because it took a LONG time for the interior to come up to speed and then for the V6 to be as quick as in the 300M. (It ended up far quicker.) I don't count the 300M as being Daimler era, it was engineered before the true takeover. Did have a 2005 minivan for a while, that was clearly designed before Daimler and then cost-cut to the point of insanity.
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  9. Christopher

    Christopher Socially Unacceptable Level III Supporter

    To what end? So those that don't own current product can have their opinions dismissed?
  10. mopar22

    mopar22 Member

    05 ram now and 15 dart. Had 95 ram, 01 intrepid, 03 neon, 01 and 05 Dakota, 08 advenger
  11. boblonben

    boblonben MOPAR Guy Level 2 Supporter

    MOPAR ownership is:

    Owned: 65 Dart GT Charger, 67 Barracuda Formula S, 69 Dart Swinger 340, 74 Challenger Panther Pink, 74 Gold Duster, 74 Colt, 76 Volare, 78 Arrow, 79 Aspen Wagon, 85 Colt DL, 79 Arrow, 81 Arrow Truck, 88 Dakota, 90 Dakota CC, 94 Dakota CC, 97 Ram 1500, 99 Ram 1500, 01 Ram 1500, 01 Dakota, 02 Ram 1500, 02 Dakota CC, 04 Rumble Bee, 06 Charger, 07 Charger Daytona, 78 Lil Red Express, 09 Challenger R/T Plus B5, 10 Challenger R/T Plus, 10 Dakota quad, 10 Grand Cherokee LMTD, 15 Journey R/T, 15 Chrysler 200C, 16 Ram 1500 R/T Sport.

    Still own the 04 Rumble Bee, the 2001 Dakota Reg Cab, the 16 Ram R/T Sport and 78 Lil Red Express !!!
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  12. jerseyjoe

    jerseyjoe Plymouth Makes It

    Mopar person since 64, ZERO FCA.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2017 at 10:15 AM
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  13. Dave Z

    Dave Z It's me, Dave Staff Member Supporter

    A good point.
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  14. MoparGuy413

    MoparGuy413 Member

    Currently own a 2004 Ram 1500.

    Will be upgrading to a brand new truck following graduation, will be a new Ram of some flavor.
  15. npaladin2000

    npaladin2000 LOAD "*",8,1 Level 2 Supporter

    Learned to drive on an '89 Grand Caravan, currently own a '17 Cherokee.