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Another Dodge Slot Car - Ron Grable's Trans-Am Dart!

Discussion in 'Models - Games - Toys' started by dreinecke, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. dreinecke

    dreinecke Member

    I finished this late last year - Ron Grable's 1967 Dodge Dart that he ran in several Trans-Am Series races.

    The car is 1:32nd scale and was created from a 3D image, printed on an SLS machine and had a bunch of finishing work done on it. I also created the decals as best as I could.

    It isn't perfect, but it runs very well and is fantastic looking on the track!




  2. Devildodge

    Devildodge Member

    Very neat. Good job with the car.
  3. DC-93

    DC-93 Member

    Nice. I like the Racer Brown decal on the fender!
  4. Donnie 3.0

    Donnie 3.0 Member

    Wow! Impressive car and impressive set up!