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Bulkheads - I think I figured out Plan #3

Discussion in 'Vans' started by davidsalata, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. davidsalata

    davidsalata Member

    May 10, 2019
    Several years ago, I cut a nice 3/4 sheet of plywood just for the perfect fit behind the seats, painted it flat black and it was great. I had protection from razor sharp tools and other items from flying forward an impaling themselves into the occupants. The A/C worked better, the Heat worked Better, the Dust Control worked better, but there were things I didn't like.

    I immediately missed walking from the front to the back. When I realised just how much I like reclining my seat I started having to re-engineer. I came up with so many ideas. I could build one sloped, I could simply move it back the required amount of inches, etc. At the last iteration, I was going to move it back considerably for personal items. You know when you go shopping, or you want to bring extra things, you need trunk space. I was going to build trunk space in. Then thinking of bed one day, I thought why not move it back enough to fit a tiny bed? Maybe have it right in line with the jambs of the two rear doors, where they meet. The front rear door will open to the trunk/bed area of the cab, and the rear rear door will open to the cargo/tool/material area.

    Well, I didn't by the smallest inflatable bed at 39" because even a double is a smaller bed than I am used to. I bought a double. Laying abreast, tucked up against the driver's/passenger's seats, the bed stops right at the hinge of the rear-rear doors. Laying there taking another nap today, totally enthralled with the idea that I can drive anywhere anytime and just take a snooze in peace and quiet..., so impressed, I started thinking... why not just put the bulkhead all the way back here, put in shelves, store the tools in shelves and have full time dual purpose? It solves most problems. I want a bulkhead. Check. I want to be able to throw a bed in the back or store personal items from shopping in a dust free normal environment. Check. I want to still be able to throw 8, 9 and 10 sheets in. Check.

    I can do it all. Especially not working for someone the way I was. When I bought the truck I had not idea of what job I would be on at 9:00am any given day, nor what tools I would require. To be the best I could, to stay above all the competition, to be able to demand, I had to be able to perform. That's why I am so fussy with my ideas towards how the truck is set up. I wanted to be able to handle any job, at any time, as fast, as efficient, as easily as possible. I was the highest paid guy and they were telling I was coming in cheaper and doing a better job than all the others routinely. That is until everything became political and the knives cames. I hate office politics. Leave the bitches at home (sorry). Working for myself and barely working, these are non-issues. I have all the time in the world to sort my needs. The only thing I need these days is drive and determination.

    Anyways, so that's what I am thinking of doing... moving the bulkhead to the back of the threshold on the rear-doors, or mid-doors, or whatever you want to call them. Rear-Side Doors. A bulk head there, a console the same high as the seat cushions and it's all one level. If the console is soft it would be easy to crawl through to the back.

    By the way, I can still hold sheets. Just deflate the bed, tuck it out of the way, slide the sheets up the center, standing on their long edge. I already have the floor raised and I left a 20" channel in the middle for this purpose. I will just leave an opening in the bulkhead to match. If it anymore than seven or eight sheets, fifteen maximum, I just have it delivered anyways. Why I would I want to pack all that and then some, plus tools, installation, finishing, it's not worth it.

    So that's my current thinking. I should probably also drop the bs with the amplifiers and radio. Just be happy with it. When I come across a deal, I'll add the right amp. I do not like the idea, but they probably could be fitted inside somewhere.
  2. Bob Lincoln

    Bob Lincoln "CHECK FAULT CODES"
    Level 2 Supporter

    Jul 10, 2002
    Cut a walk-through in the bulkhead. I worked on a Type III rescue, it was great being able to get back and forth between the front and rear.

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