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CJ-5 creation

Discussion in 'Photo and Video Lab' started by CherokeeVision, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. CherokeeVision

    CherokeeVision Well-Known Member

    Dec 9, 2004
    Sorry I was unable to get a picture.
    Down in Houston for the weekend.
    Was at a restaurant where some folks are already celebrating St Patrick's Day.

    Imagine a old CJ-5, dull off white, no roll bar. Windshield had been replaced with one that looked sort of like frame-less glasses, kind of rounded at the top on both sides. Grill had vertical slots but was shaped like a shield. Painted glitter gold and green. Looked a bit like the face shield on a Knight's suit of armor. Front and rear fender flares and running boards were two green snakes, about 4 inches in diameter. Snakes were wearing green St. Patrick Day hats.

    It had a decidedly clown car look to it. The snakes gave it a Crosley look.

    Oh and they were there with friends. Other vehicle was a Ford Expedition, also green. Painted on the side it said, "On a Green Expedition". It was parked further away so I didn't get as good a look. but it had all sorts of things glued on the top and hood. The top looked kind of like a village scene with buildings and vehicles. And that driver had on a bright lime green suit and a hat with a shamrock pattern on it.

    Really wish I had interrupted my meal and gone outside for pictures.

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