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Common issues with G1 LH cars?

Discussion in 'LH: Large Cars, 1993-2004' started by browens1534, May 27, 2011.

  1. Goonior

    Goonior New Member

    Jan 30, 2012
    I owned a 96 LHS with column shift bought in Sep 07 with 100k mi and drove it until I sold it in Dec of 2011 with 230k mi. I never had any major issues with the trans or engine. I did replace cam and crank sensors once, timing belt once. Replaced front subframe bushings, changed the fuel pump @ 190k. most everythimg I did was more along the lines of basic maintenence for a high mileage car. I did replace the starter, that one was my fault, I burned it up from cranking too long to start when the temp got below 50 degrees. I had Bosch platinum plugs in it for about 50k mi, when I finally changed them, the gap was HUGE, we're tallking more than .050! It wasn't any wonder why it had such a hard time starting! This one was VERY reliable though, I was never left stranded calling a tow truck. Have an 05 Magnum RT now but still miss that LHS... :(

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