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Dodge/Plymouth Colt 5-Door Hatchback Sedan

Discussion in 'Outside North America' started by PlymouthShelbyCuda86, May 21, 2013.

  1. PlymouthShelbyCuda86

    PlymouthShelbyCuda86 Member

    Does anyone here still own or remember the 1982-84 and '85 Dodge/Plymouth Colt 5-door hatchback sedan? Only the '85 version used the same sheetmetal as the first-gen (USA-spec) Mitsubishi Mirage, and only the '82 Plymouth version used the Champ name.

    We know this bodystyle did not return for '86, on the grounds that it might have eaten into the domestic-made Dodge Omni and Plymouth Horizon sales.

    Still, I wonder what you folks had thought of these 5-doors. I am also curious about seeing pictures of this 5-door placed side by side with the Omni/Horizon 5-door.

    Thank you,