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Dodge Stealth Questions

Discussion in 'Outside North America' started by Detonator Yellow, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Detonator Yellow

    Detonator Yellow Member

    I'm looking to get a Stealth within the next few months. it's goingto be the car that I play in (y'know, fixer-upper, super-crazy-mad drivetrain swaps, "stunt driving", or anything simular). Any suggestions on year? What should I look for? Anything that I shouldn't do to/with this car?
  2. Stratuscaster

    Stratuscaster Vaguely badass... Staff Member Supporter

    Bank lots of money. Parts are becoming harder and harder to obtain, and when you can get them they are very expensive. Co-worker owns a Mitsu 3000GT - sister to the Stealth - and knows this pain personally.
  3. ImperialCrown

    ImperialCrown Moderator Level III Supporter

    It was the poor man's Viper. I liked these cars much better than the turbo Conquest it replaced. Look for stick-shift if you like driving them.
    The later, the better in terms of refinement. 1993-1996 had better EFI and all the suspension/elecrical/drivetrain TSB's and updates had all been applied to production.
    Do the timing belt/water pump if there is no record of being done as I believe that the DOHC is an interference engine.
  4. Glenn A

    Glenn A New Member

    You sure don't see Stealth's anymore so I'm glad to see someone like you wanting to get one and fix it up! I wish you good luck on your quest.
  5. PlymouthShelbyCuda86

    PlymouthShelbyCuda86 Member

    I suppose this had taken over for the Chrysler Conquest when originally introduced in 1990.

  6. Glenn A

    Glenn A New Member

    How did you come out on your Steath project?