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Dodge Stealth R/T - where is it on allpar?

Discussion in 'Outside North America' started by mopar-brain, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. mopar-brain

    mopar-brain Guest

    I love my Dodge Stealth R/T.
    It has 300hp+ V6 twin-turbo, AWD, 4WS.
    I think it's one of the mile stone for Dodge.
    It came before the Viper and the Charger concept.
    You can see some Viper in my dash.
    You can see Charger style in the body.
    It was the unoffical pace car for Indy 500 (Viper stepped on it's toes)
    Has Allpar overlooked this high-tech supercar?

    Our hi-perf. aftermarket is BIG!
    buh buh buh it goes on and on

    Then we have many sites like

    Plus major international clubs like

    But a major site like Allpar has not one page (that I can found) Hmmm
  2. Stratuscaster

    Stratuscaster Vaguely badass... Staff Member Supporter

    Overlooked? No.

    The primary reason is that it's simply not a "true" Mopar vehicle - it's a rebodied and rebadged Mitsubishi.
  3. Raymer

    Raymer Guest

    Yeah... that car is no Dodge. (Not saying it isn't any good)

    The Chrysler Conquest just did make it on AllPar, and it's as every bit Mitsu as the Stealth is.
  4. vashtsdaytona

    vashtsdaytona Member

    agreed belive me i love them and id do most anything for a 93 green r/t tt. but it is mostly a 3000gt which in my opinion the stealth has way cooler body work.

    but i can understand why its not on allpar but i wouldnt mind a section on it. id read it all the time

    god i gotta get me one
  5. Blue Fox

    Blue Fox Guest

    I'm looking for the same information. I don't care if it isn't a "true" Mopar. It has a "Dodge" badge on it, and I would expect Allpar to have it somewhere on this site. I've been an Allpar site visitor since the beginning, and this actually disappoints me a little.

    Come on Allpar, get some Stealth stuff up!
  6. Rich Hutchinson

    Rich Hutchinson I'm so far behind I thought I was in first place. Level 2 Supporter

    Much of what's on Allpar is user contributed.

    So get crackin'!

    Seriously, write something up and submit it.
  7. IndyStealth

    IndyStealth New Member

    I agree about the Stealth body (I own one!), but most people would not. The Stealth isn't "mostly" 3000GT; the Twin Turbo models are mechanically identical, save for the Active Aero feature on the 3000GT VR-4. However, most people prefer the 3000GT styling, especially its big spoiler over the Stealth's "banana wing." Despite being identical cars, the 3000GTs regularly sell for more clams.

    My Stealth R/T Twin Turbo gets no love anywhere. Mopar fans hate it for being an import; import lovers think it's a domestic POS; even 3000GT owners think it's inferior. At car shows (yes, it's show-worthy), the judges just scratch their heads and move on. Chrysler stopped supporting it once the Viper came along. Even ALLpar doesn't acknowledge it except for a few references.
  8. BillP2R

    BillP2R Member

    A friend of mine put nearly 200,000 miles on his Twin Turbo R/T.

    He replaced it with a Boxter, but was not satisfied.

    He replaced the Boxter with a Carrera RS4 which is better, but he still misses the Stealth's 4 wheel steer!

    ---------------- Bill
  9. Gibons

    Gibons Member

    What about the 1997 Stealth R/T TT AWD a buddy of mine in highschool had one it had a 3.5L Twin Turbo Duel over head cam and was AWD it was white with faint grey pinstripes what a hot car! I've never found info on them anywhere all I know is it would eat any stock 3000GT VR-4 for dinner. :p I'll bet that thing would have given a same year viper a run for its money.
  10. IndyStealth

    IndyStealth New Member

    1996 was the final model year for the Dodge Stealth.
    3.0L V6 was the only stock engine size, in SOHC and DOHC forms, although a 3.5L version (same basic Mitsubishi block) will fit with some work.
  11. Gibons

    Gibons Member

    Nope this car was a 1997 and it said 3.5L DOHC Twin Turbo AWD right behind the door in the bar between windows. It seems to be a bit of an anomoly was it only like a special run were they only made a few of them like 1970 charger daytona's? Because if this car was done aftermarket ALOT of work went into making it look stock. Wish I had taken pictures, moved away and lost touch with most of the people I knew in highschool.
  12. Truth

    Truth Member

    A Family Member has a 1994 R/T-TT Pearl Off White
    Every Option.
    The first year of New Generation (6 speed projector headlights)
    AND the last year for 4WS
    He's even installing the Active Aero
    (has control unit installed and is getting motor in trunk only need adapter bracket for Banana
    As far as getting "love", Everybody who sees it, loves that car. Any "import person" who says its a POS b/c of its an american Badge Vs. the Mitsu- Is a nit-wit (prob a 15 y/o nit-wit).
    If someone dosnt like it (especially Vs the 3000, b/c of those silly reasons), thats their problem, who cares.
    And most people i know who have seen both models think the Stealth looks better .
    Its just a matter of opinion but i think the Stealth looks more sophisticated.
  13. Pink_Floyd

    Pink_Floyd ES Driving Prune Eating Tough Guy

    I havent seen a stealth on the road in a long time :(
  14. namvet67a1f

    namvet67a1f Member

    BTW .... how much is one of these loaded HP ones worth these dayz?
  15. Stratuscaster

    Stratuscaster Vaguely badass... Staff Member Supporter

    In excellent condition with an average 120000 miles, figure around $8500.

    After some tuner kid gets a hold of it and screws it up, figure much less. ;)