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Dodge Stealth R/T - where is it on allpar?

Discussion in 'Outside North America' started by mopar-brain, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Christopher

    Christopher Socially Unacceptable Level III Supporter

    One my old girlfriends really wanted a used Stealth. She'd seen a beautiful white one on the lot and fell in love until a salesman told her that she could figure on repairs costing $1K because of the unique parts. A few weeks later the car she liked was gone. I just happened to be in the shop when the new owner came in to get her estimate. $1,200 that was covered under the dealer's 3/3,000 or the extended warranty they'd purchased.

  2. Glenn A

    Glenn A New Member

    As an owner of a mint condition 92 Firestorm Red Twin Turbo with 15,000 miles that I bought new, I still think it looks as good as anything out there.
  3. FThorn

    FThorn Active Member

  4. ImperialCrown

    ImperialCrown Moderator Level III Supporter

    The poor man's Viper. I haven't seen a Stealth or 3000GT around here in years/
  5. AxerJk

    AxerJk Guest

    What happened to the Stealth/3000GT? I thought they were some of the coolest looking cars when they first came out. Were they problematic?

  6. Stratuscaster

    Stratuscaster Vaguely badass... Staff Member Supporter

    Like the Supra and 300ZX of the time, they simply became too expensive, IMHO.
  7. xjken

    xjken New Member

    Welcome to the Mopar hobby Mopar-Brain. We love our Mopars as long as our Mopars are more Mopar than the next guys Mopar. I happen to agreed with everything you said. The Stealth R/T was a wonderful car that offered a lot more tech than any other Mopar of it's day. I remember going to a local Mopar show back in the day at an area Dodge dealer. They had a red Viper and a pearl white Stealth R/T on the showroom floor. If I would of had my choice of either of those cars that day I would have chosen the Stealth. AWD, twin turbo, a back seat and I would bet more rare than a Viper these days. Of course this comes from someone who is a fan of Chrysler's red headed step children like the FWD K-car/Shelby's and the Chrysler Crossfire.

    Materialmam, I would love to see some picks of your 15,000 mile gem. If you could direct me to some pics or upload a few that would be great.
  8. raymondo112

    raymondo112 Member

    It would be nice to have a Stealth page here, being a Mitsubishi in Dodge clothing really doesn't classify it as a full Dodge, but some fail to recognize Dodge and Mitsu's joint relationship they had, there was the Laser and Talon, a rebranded Eclipse. Not to mention some of the engines they shared good or bad, DSM was an abbreviation for diamond star motors and most people use that reference when talking about the Talon and Eclipse engines. The Stealth R/T Dohc and Twin Turbo models could really pack a punch, and were no joke stock or modified even by todays car standards.

    The Viper made headlines for Dodge and between it and the 94 Ram restyling Dodge was on fire, you will notice that the production of the Stealth dropped about the same time or not long before the 3000 GT did. It was just its time. The Viper never really stole its fire, they were not one and the same, if it received more attention it was merely because of the people, any time you have performance and style in your lineup of cars you go with it, let the people decide what's best for them. Most Vipers were only afforded to people with lots of high based income in the 1st place, they were not Mopar loyalists, but simply seeking to have one of the hottest cars on the market and a heck of a thrill.

    There was other Dodge models that got much less love from the public and were just as capable of being fast Daytona and Spirit R/T come to mind, 1st time a turbo Daytona is able to beat mustang and Camaro stock and no one hardly buys it.

    Even today bring a twin turbo stealth you are bound to turn heads, but the Viper is still a different beast add a twin turbo kit and suspension and brake upgrades to a 1st-4th gen Viper you'd never believe how nasty that car can get. The Stealth would be much easier to manage on the road but on the track that's Viper territory all the way.

    I couldn't bicker over which one I would have well it would always be the one I could afford L.O.L. I still like both, Import guys are always going to hate on Dodge even though Dodge has more older vehicles they can relate to with all the turbo cars they built in the 80's and early 90's which can clean the clock of most of the imports in the same class when modified and cost less money, but they can find that out sooner or latter. GM and Ford guys don't like us much either so as a Mopar fan we learn to suck it up and prove it at the strip, and hopefully not the street.

    In technical school kids used to brag about how the Honda Odyssey was pretty quick for a minivan till I showed them a turbo caravan, young kids don't know anything about Mopar that's why it is fun to show them what Mopar can do.

    Hopefully if you buy a Stealth it's because you solely wanted a Dodge and there's no compromise to that.
  9. valiant67

    valiant67 Rich Corinthian Leather Level III Supporter

    Stealth was even going to pace the Indy 500 but Chrysler got some grief for that and the not-yet production ready Viper was used instead.
  10. XRT2SRT

    XRT2SRT Member

    I too am in the camp where there's been a lot of reluctance/neglect towards the Dodge STEALTH here at ALLPAR...just looking at the concept for the vehicle and seeing how it tied in with what followed (the production STEALTHS, DAYTONAS and INTREPIDS of the era makes my pulse quicken every time. Finally, I thought: "Chrysler is offering some really high-tech goods, showing some much needed engineering moxy, to bring in the import loving crowds all the while converting them into MOPARians. I thought, maybe they'd be able to keep cost down if they could've brought some of the tech goodies down stream to Talon/Eclipse, i.e. 4ws, smaller turbo 6cyc, common architectures to some degree...
  11. raymondo112

    raymondo112 Member

    Anyone remember the NBC show Viper, they used black Dodge Stealths for the getaway cars for the bad guys. I still love that show I am not going to lie, probably one of the best times for Mopar and it's fans to see the brand really coming up and being innovative in style. Also probably when I seen more new Dodge's and Chrysler's on the road than ever before, You could literally spot LH car's, Ram's, Sebring Convertibles, even Stealth's were not uncommon, what was uncommon was the twin turbo R/T but every now and then I'd even spot a Viper or two, Now the majority of Chrysler's on the Road are the LX platform but I have never seen that spike like what I did from the early 90's to early 00's, sure wish it would happen again. I still love the look and exterior and interior of my 1st gen Intrepid.
  12. valiant67

    valiant67 Rich Corinthian Leather Level III Supporter

    There's an interesting history between Mitsubishi and Chrysler that made these cars sort of orphans. Chrysler offered the Conquest (the only car other than the Neon that I can think of that wore Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth nameplates) then replaced that with the Stealth. These cars were Mitsubishi cars rebadged for Chrysler. The same was done with the economy cars.

    Then Chrysler and Mitsubishi formed a join venture, Diamond Star Motors and released the co-designed cars (Mitsubishi Eclipse, Chrysler Laser and Eagle Talon) for 1990. These cars got a little more publicity from Chrysler due to them being a 50/50 venture. But Chrysler sold out their interest to Mitsubishi in just a few years. Some cars people call DSM cars ( Sebring/Stratus/Avenger coupes) really are not DSM cars because Mitsubishi owned the facilities 100% by then.

    The problem I've heard from people with the Stealth and the once popular Eagle Talon was very expensive parts when something failed. These cars really seemed to disappear quickly.
  13. XRT2SRT

    XRT2SRT Member

    I vividly recall my first public sighting of the Gen I Intrepid. I was traveling south on I-95 headed ba k to school. An very overcast day it was, in the early afternoon, when I looked up into my rearview mirror as I traveled @ 75 mph there it was gaining on me fast. That fascia seemed imposing in a VIPER kind of way. The color was char-gold metallic. I was so excited as it passed me to the left; I gave two thumbs up to MOPAR for knocking another one out of the park!
  14. Jerry Simcik

    Jerry Simcik Active Member

    I like the Stealth. I also like the Crossfire. I consider them both to be Mopars.

    I see I'm in the minority once again.
  15. raymondo112

    raymondo112 Member

    My 93 Intrepid ES was Char gold metallic, I called it the coffee colored car, it had the silver ground effects to it, was real cool looking had the dodge in black letters with the ES in black letters, all the other colors had silver letters, only the Char gold metallic ones had black and I think if I remember it was made for a limited time, either way real cool, had the pentastar on the passenger side fender, I loved it, except it was a very basic ES and I wanted something more, was even considering the LHS until I got my 97 in platinum silver with all the cool options including the 3.5.

    Anyways back to this thread, I still think the Stealth represented itself well for Dodge and where they were heading at the time, being expensive to repair or get parts for is just an expectation you should have if you want something sporty and relatively fast. You can't have it all a sporty fast car usually isn't always reliable and reliable cars are seldomly ever fast or sporty, so pick and choose what you want. Hopefully the car you pick is what you like so spending money on it wont be too much of a nuisance right, because you want to keep driving it because it is fun.

    I liked the Stealth and 3000 GT, and the 95-98 Eclipse and Talon, they had some nice styling cues that could still sell even if they put it back in the market today it would still appeal to those looking for that sporty fast exotic look and feel. I even thought the 1st gen Avenger was a nice car, but it never seemed to be too popular like one would expect, I guess its lack of performance may have been the root cause.

    I think if Dodge seen fit to brand it with their name and sold and repaired it at their dealerships, then it should get the same kind of acceptance at shows, clubs, and even websites that are dedicated to that product.
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