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Dreaded "low voltage/dim lights at idle"

Discussion in 'Repairs, Maintenance, Help' started by kzooman83, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. pt006

    pt006 Active Member

    Dec 24, 2014
    David; thanks for the reply. Most of it went over my head, and I'm ok with that. It's interesting that the same sized devices can be improved by changing designs slightly.

    One thing that mystified me was where does the electricity go on a cheap battery charger that is a half wave rectifier? Since only the positive side of the wave is used, what happens to the negative side of the alternating current. This is a trick question.
  2. David Eidell

    David Eidell Well-Known Member

    Jan 15, 2010
    Ah, but you see this is a rectified sine wave. So the top loop and the bottom loop act as potential. Here we have a transformer. A long coil spring. The center of which is used as negative the top tip of the spring and the bottom tip of the spring is used as positives. Both of them. Basically they emit 12 volt positive which returns to the center tap (and that's exactly what the transformer is called CENTER TAP.) then returns to the center.

    Both of the tips have a rectifier (large diode). Two rectifiers that both allow passage of electricity out and to the load then return to the center tap of the transformer. The center tap of course has no rectifier.

    So, measuring the leads at the transformer itself, from EITHER of the tips to the center tap, voltage may be 9 volts. Measured from tip to tip the voltage will be doubled (18 volts).

    Here we have a PULSING charge. Oooooo along the same lines as an overpriced pulse charger that "desulfates" the battery -- for a criminal extra jacked-up price difference. Pulse desulfation is a farce. de-bunked the theory in the early nineties. Using a surplus NASA 3 phase frequency generator that oscillated as high as 1.1 GHz at 10 Kw. People wanted to throw money at me to get my EE endorsement for their gizmos and I refused. This was a funded project that disappointed the investors. I cannot alter reality. Batteries are chemical laboratories that have a curious side effect in storing an altered form of energy -- electricity.

    Pulse width modified amplitude is voltage control for a power supply or battery charger. I have 24 Rolls & Surrette 2-volt cells. 3,250 ampere hours (20 hr rate) configured in a 12 cell series. A 400 ampere charger plus a 110 ampere charger plus a Trace 120 amp charger are available to recharge the bank off of a Kubota Kato generator. We have frequent power outages down here and I have weathered many a tropical storm outage, some lasting days, while having a small air conditioner, and multiple refrigerators and freezers in operation.

    I'm fully retired now and for 22 years I have been reduced to "piddling" around with electrical. I enjoy it. I have melded into the area of LED lighting, some systems to 2,000 actual watts consumed lamps. I hope I have a while left until my burro rides me off into the sunset.

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