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Durango SRT

Discussion in 'Mopar News and Rumors' started by Dave Z, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Hemidakota

    Hemidakota Member

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  2. 55Plaza

    55Plaza Member Level III Supporter

    Blu By You is a pretty dark blue, I'd prefer Blue Streak Pearl that I can get on the Ram 1500!
  3. hassanusc

    hassanusc New Member

    Been wanting to upgrade my 2012 Jeep SRT for about a year. Last year, when the Trackhawk news started to come out, I decided to wait until the 2018 Trackhawk. Now the news has stopped. No more NYC debut. No one knows anything about the specs at all. Despite Manley's comments in January, the Trackhawk is starting to seem like a unicorn. And I'm stuck trying to figure out getting the 2017 now (like this month) or waiting just a bit longer for this unicorn. Or just biting the bullet and getting a used SVR since the 392 seems underpowered now compared to other performance SUVs (Range SVR, X5M, Cayenne Turbo). Maybe other SRT prospective owners feels the same.

    The 2014 sales were so high I think because this was the first year with the new 8 speed tranny; the new electronic dash; new front. 2013 was a truncated year and 2014 year sales started early as I recall. I wouldn't except the 2015 to be as high as 2014.

    BTW, I'm not cross shopping with the Durango SRT.
  4. DarkSky

    DarkSky Cruising Around Level III Supporter

    Range Rover SVR - MSRP: From $111,350
    BMW X5M - MSRP: From $98,800
    Porsche Cayenne Turbo - MSRP: From $116,500
    Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT - MSRP: From $66,895

    At $31,905 less than the cheapest of those vehicles, the GC is still a performance bargain. I don't think the sales slump is because people are comparing the Grand Cherokee to other brands, I think it's because many of the people who want a GC SRT have bought one and those who haven't are either waiting for the next gen model, the Trackhawk, or the Durango SRT considering the last two have been rumored for quite some time.

    Edit: Even the Trackhawk should cost less than those vehicles and it will make much more power.
  5. MoparDanno

    MoparDanno Active Member Level III Supporter

    Im sure there are others that are in the same boat, I just find it hard to believe that nearly 8000 customers are on that boat is all.

    And FWIW, NY will be dominated by Demon, I think they are holding off on the Trackhawk until it can be shown on its own and capture the spotlight singlehandedly. Not have to share the spotlight with the Demon. I wouldn't call it a delay, because it isn't delaying when it will come out, its just not being shown publicly... yet.
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  6. Mopartial

    Mopartial Fits and Finishes Level III Supporter

    If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the Durango should be blushing.
    Except that the 2018 Expedition is a generic swing and a miss.

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  7. UN4GTBL

    UN4GTBL Active Member

    Look at the Navigator too. Direct clone of the Durango!
  8. Stratuscaster

    Stratuscaster Vaguely badass... Staff Member Supporter

    As stupid as it may seem, that's what is being offered. I'll try to ping the guy responsible for the Durango SRT marketing and ask him.

    They do offer a 7-passenger seating as standard, with a 60/40 fold/tumble 2nd row seat - on every trim level except the SRT. I would surmise it's because that 2nd-row bench doesn't exactly fit in with the "SRT" mission.

    (I'll also note that the center spot in that second row bench is rather narrow and really only suitable for those that are very thin. Like children or adult size 0-2 models.)
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  9. Stratuscaster

    Stratuscaster Vaguely badass... Staff Member Supporter

    The Tahoe & Suburban are blushing even more.
  10. Hemidakota

    Hemidakota Member

    I don't know about Ford, but Dodge SUV seats should fold flat in the rear vice incline. ;)
  11. Stratuscaster

    Stratuscaster Vaguely badass... Staff Member Supporter


    On the model in Chicago, the "//4" badge was located underneath the Durango badge.
  12. redriderbob

    redriderbob Mopar Guru! Supporter

    Yes, this will be more than likely the placement of the new Dodge AWD drive badge for 2018.
  13. unverferth

    unverferth Active Member

    So THAT'S what it means.
  14. Illegal Machine

    Illegal Machine Member

    IMO that drop is a combination of price moving up, and the used market for the 8 speed WK2 SRT (14+) opening up. Nobody wants those 12-13 Jeeps. The 14's still command a nice premium, but WELL below the cost of a new 2016/17. The differences from the 14-16 are absolutely negligible. Especially the late 14's that got the alcantara headliner and ACC that works all the way to a stop.

    Also, those 16's are optioned out at lots. The MSRP may be "From $66,895" but they're hardly optioned that way at dealerships (same goes for their counterparts). So staring at a loaded, used 2014 for $48-50K, the 2016 for $75K is a tough pill to swallow.

    Most normal buyers don't have a clue what the Trackhawk is. Not a factor, in my opinion.
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  15. mentalicca

    mentalicca Member Level III Supporter

    Try the ones at 80k+ (2017 MY, but still) the dealers around here seem to be ordering.