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FCA dead last in latest JD Power Customer Service study

Discussion in 'Mopar News and Rumors' started by aldo90731, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. BobbiBigWheels

    BobbiBigWheels I'm likely at work... Ad-Free Member

    Starve those awful dealerships. Share your experience. The only way they'll learn is with or without consumer money.
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  2. Erik Latranyi

    Erik Latranyi Well-Known Member Level III Supporter

    Your sarcasm is a poor defense of the abject failure of management to create a company that is dedicated to quality or customer service. It is a company dedi ated to an isolated family of wealthy investors that cares very little about branding or long-term profits. It is a company dedicated to bottom-of-the-barrel quality at subprime pricing.
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  3. Chase300

    Chase300 Member

    I guess I've been a bit hard on my local dealer as they also provide me a detailed safety inspection with oil changes...which is a nice way to gain additional business..and also top off all fluids as well.
    I was just annoyed they were not using Mopar oil filters and instead were using some no name knock-off.
  4. dmcdonald

    dmcdonald Member

    Thankfully, I have never seen this at any of the dealers I have dealt with.
  5. jerseyjoe

    jerseyjoe Plymouth Makes It

    Company vehicles, all our Chey 1500 pickups had dead transmissions by 70k. My Suburban blew a trans at 5k, rebuilt it and trans would only function properly for a month, developed a head gasket leak both kept reoccuring till the engine seized at 35k. Company switched to Ford, transaxle issues galore but not often enough to keep vehicles out of service for long. For 5 years we drove with cruise controls disconnected besause of fire hazard, some wore out before a fix at 200k miles but the new ones were the same. Charges for service not done. Returned with leaking ac or brake lines but some trucks soldiered on over 250k miles. Last Ford I drove still had cruise control disconnect requirements but finally did get fixed, otherwise flawless, offered a newer ford truck but kept it till I retired, hay it was almost perfect, why risk issues.
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  6. Zagnut27

    Zagnut27 Jeepaholic Level 2 Supporter

    I must admit, after seeing the results for Buick lately in these survey results it really has me considering them for our next purchase for a family hauler. While the Encore is deathly slow, and there is no touch screen, it is a very well-made vehicle and we haven't had a single issue with it yet (knock on wood). There've been a couple of recalls so far which were handled quickly (we've had recalls on all three of our vehicles...Jeep, Ford, and Buick...all were handled well). I see on the dealer website that they will pick up your vehicle for local customers, and they offer loaners and rentals if requested. We haven't taken advantage of any of that because we live about a half hour away, so I don't know if we qualify as "local" and I didn't ask. And we have 3 cars so a rental or loaner isn't really necessary.

    They are supposedly revealing the next Enclave next month, so I'm curious to see what it looks like. I used to be eager to see what the Wagoneer was going to look like...but I'm tired of waiting, and now it's probably going to be bigger than what we are looking for anyway...if it ever comes to reality in the first place. I don't know...its a decision you don't want to guess wrong about because of the money involved and the time factor as well (spent at the dealer). Sigh....double sigh.
  7. aldo90731

    aldo90731 Active Member Level III Supporter

    I used to be able to claim the same things. But that ended in past 12 months: have been having issues with my 2013 Rubicon, and my trusted dealer of many years is now acting weird.
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  8. tlc

    tlc New Member

    I have been lucky with my Dart so far. Had 1 recall. Called the dealer, they ordered the part. Called me in 3 days to set up. Took care of the recall, total 50 minutes from bringing the car in. They called the next day to ask me about my experience and how I liked the car so far.
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  9. aldo90731

    aldo90731 Active Member Level III Supporter

    That should be SOP across all dealers, all brands and all models.
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  10. Citation84

    Citation84 Member

    Wonder what the King Of Cars in Las Vegas thinks.....

    All very well thought out observations.

    Buick has been in the top quarter of these sorts of surveys since the late 80s. Even Newsweek or Time did a full length story about Flint's "miracle". It did quite a bit better than other GM cars of the period.

    It's unfortunate to read all of this, as Chrysler and Dodge are the only Detroit Three brands I'll consider. Yet it offers nothing in the segment I'd like to buy: small up to a reasonable mid size. I've done GM, no longer. And done manual transmissions so Ford is out when it comes to a small car with an "automatic".
    Fiat is a non starter [as a marque. I know it provides DNA for Chrysler] as I believe it's future in the US is questionable. Again

    Truly a sad state of affairs. I have zero connection or affinity with foreign brands. It's not just a price and size thing for me. I want to also own a piece of that company's history, be part of it's story. Brand "prestige" never even charts.

    It's irrational, but true. I keep cars for a long time and have only ever traded one in during my time on the road.

    There is no legacy, good or bad, for me around the foreign brands like the Asian ones. They just don't connect.

    Though I do like Korean soap operas.
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  11. aldo90731

    aldo90731 Active Member Level III Supporter

    Indeed. I don't recall morale ever being this low among Chrysler fans. Even in the midst of the bankruptcy I had a feeling things were going to work out.

    I can't say that any more. Even if FCA continues to exist as FCAPSA or VWAGFCA, the connection I had with that free-spirited Chrysler will only continue to wither and disappear.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
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  12. JeepandRams

    JeepandRams Member

    My morale is good except sometimes when I visit this website. You would swear there is a clandestine effort to drive down Chryslers stock and standing. My morale was lowest when Nardelli was in charge.
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  13. aldo90731

    aldo90731 Active Member Level III Supporter

    I don't ever recall having so many doubts about the durability of my CDJR vehicle, nor receiving such appalling service from my dealer.

    I don't ever recall being this indifferent about the latest Jeeps to hit the market. The only vehicles that still attract me are all older, lingering pre-FCA models.

    I don't recall Chrysler ever being rated this low, this consistently, for this long across so many rankings. CDJR were never the darlings of Consumer Reports, but they used to scatter across the ratings and the rankings of various consumers studies, sometimes even surprising us with a well-deserved top tier result. That's not the case any more: CDJRF now consistently underperform on every one, everywhere, every time. Frankly, it is disturbing how CDJRF brands are glued together at the very bottom of every study, on every topic, from every entity, every year.

    I don't recall so many long-time owners openly questioning their ongoing loyalty.

    It's not this website, it is the manifestation on here of what's happening.
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  14. jerseyjoe

    jerseyjoe Plymouth Makes It

    Not seeing anything new and affordable from anyone and not having liking Big Brother under my hood I am considering something 20 years or older to be my future mode of transportation. Wife has other ideas of afforadability and is looking at new imports. Sad that we are being driven out of mainstream American vehicles. Off our list is any European car also, these guys like to restrict service parts. I see a future in offering quality service for older US cars. Bunch of old timers appreciate these vehicles. I see boomers as the "can do" generation.
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  15. MPE426HEMI

    MPE426HEMI Active Member

    As for personal customer service, I can't really say I've been treated badly. But that's mainly (I think) from me not returning to the dealership. I've been lucky enough not to have any big problems with any vehicles I've bought from dealerships and thus stayed away. Some people seem to be there every couple of weeks with problems and they really hate recalls, as do I. I only visit the parts counter for oil filters. But that don't mean I've not heard stuff directly from people or have looked at dealer reviews.
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