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FCA fleet sales for 2015

Discussion in 'Car Dealer Hangout' started by Dave Z, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. Dave Z

    Dave Z It's me, Dave
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    Jan 23, 2001
    In 2015, the top seven automakers increased their fleet sales by 6.2%, while their retail sales rose by 5.4%. For the full year, FCA and Toyota shifted towards fleet sales, while GM and Hyundai shifted away; and Ford and Nissan stayed fairly flat.


    FCA had been increasing sales growth on the retail side more than fleet sales for years. For the year as a whole, both GM and FCA saw a 22% fleet mix, with FCA likely increasing its fleet sales with the arrival of the ProMaster vans and both CNG and diesel Ram 1500s. Hyundai is the foreign automaker with the most fleet sales, at 19%.

    In December 2014, 27% of Ford’s sales went to fleets, partly due to its strong presence in commercial trucks and vans. 25% of FCA’s sales went to fleets, 22% of Hyundai’s, and 19% of FCA’s. Nissan and Toyota both had 9% of their sales in the fleet market.

    For December 2015, Ford and FCA were both at 27%, GM at 17%, Hyundai at 16%, Nissan at 13%, and Toyota, less embattled than in 2014, was down to 5%. Every “top seven” automaker increased their retail sales; GM, Hyundai, and Toyota cut their fleet sales.

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