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[FCA- UK News] ASA ruling follows Glyn Hopkin 'ex-fleet' omission from ads

Discussion in 'Fiat News & Rumors' started by Hemidakota, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. Hemidakota

    Hemidakota Active Member

    Jan 24, 2017
    Glyn Hopkin Group has been told to ensure that its used car adverts do not omit information about previous use as part of a fleet as part of a ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority.
    The Romford-based retail group was advised alongside FCA Group following complaints about a pair of adverts for Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchbacks which, the complainant highlighted, failed to acknowledge the vehicles’ use as part of a fleet.

    In a ruling published by the ASA it emerged that Glyn Hopkin had accepted responsibility for ensuring that the information provided in the ads was accurate and said that they “correctly stated the standard manufacturer’s description for the models along with individual data with regards to the age and mileage and any extras fitted”.

    It also said that, while no mention of the cars’ previous business use appeared in the advert, a customer would be informed of this in order to reach an informed purchase decision upon making an enquiry about the vehicles.

    ASA ruling follows Glyn Hopkin 'ex-fleet' omission from ads (at https://www.am-online.com/news/digital-marketing/2017/10/25/asa-ruling-follows-glyn-hopkin-ex-fleet-omission-from-ads )

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