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Honda, NHTSA confirm 18th Takata airbag death

Discussion in 'Auto News & Rumors' started by redriderbob, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. redriderbob

    redriderbob Mopar Guru!
    Level 2 Supporter

    Feb 22, 2004

    Honda's North American unit and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirmed on Tuesday that a ruptured Takata airbag inflator in a Honda Civic caused the death of the driver on July 10.

    The 2004 model car involved in the crash in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was under recall but had not received the repair, the company said, adding that the ruptured inflator in the vehicle was not the original one installed.

    Takata air bag inflators have been linked to at least 18 deaths and 180 injuries around the world.

    Honda has so far removed over 100,000 inflators from salvage yards and has requested that major online auction sites prohibit and stop the sale of affected airbags.

    Honda, NHTSA confirm 18th Takata airbag death (at https://www.autoblog.com/2017/12/19/honda-nhtsa-takata-airbag-death/?hcid=ab-around-ab-tile-13 )

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