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IHI (Hellcat supercharger) questions

Discussion in 'Mopar News and Rumors' started by Dave Z, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Dave Z

    Dave Z It's me, Dave Staff Member Supporter

    Do you have any questions for IHI, makers of the Hellcat supercharger?

    We may have an opportunity to get some answers!

    Be as technical as you want.
  2. chfjim

    chfjim Member Level III Supporter

    With the overall success of the Hellcat, has FCA put any more into SC any other motors? What is the smallest volume SC/Engine combo you produce. Is there room for long term viability between the two Companies?
  3. Detonator Yellow

    Detonator Yellow Member

    What's the most power/boost the supercharger can hold?
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  4. redriderbob

    redriderbob Mopar Guru! Supporter

    Since the debut of the HELLCAT engine, what have you changed or improved on the supercharger?
  5. FGA cheerleader

    FGA cheerleader Member

    Is there any high performance engine with IHI turbos in the future? We know that Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa for Q are all using IHI.
  6. Shane Estabrooks

    Shane Estabrooks Member

    What about a supercharger to fit/designed for truck engines? maintains torque for hauling etc.... I thinking 6.4 Hemi HD but would go with the 5.7 too!
  7. MJAB

    MJAB Active Member

    Electric supercharger and / or turbocharger ? (well better to say electrical actuated compressor used as supercharger and eventually coupled with a turbocharger).
  8. bluskye

    bluskye Member

    Are they working on a supercharger for the 3.6?
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  9. jam1

    jam1 Member

    What is the current r.p.m. of a stock Hellcat super-charger and how many r.p.m.'s can I safely increase it to? Can you offer the smallest safest pulley size to mount on front the super charger or the crank pulley? Safest refers to a operation equal to or less than say 30 seconds.

    Do you see any improvements to the stock super-charger that someone could purchase to replace the existing one?
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