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Intake gasket saga. Learn from my pain.

Discussion in 'Pre-1994 trucks, commercial vehicles' started by White Spyder, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. White Spyder

    White Spyder New Member

    Nov 6, 2016
    I have a 1973 Club Cab with a 360. When I got the truck it was running very fat. Turns out it had huge intake leaks and the timing and carb had been adjusted to compensate. The gasket turned out to be a thin metal one with no sealer on the front ore rear! The truck has an Elderbrock performance intake, cam and carb. So, I thought I would just order the Elderbrock branded gasket. It is only for the runners so I used a GOOD bead of sealer front and back. All buttoned up, reset timing and carb. Truck ran great except there was oil seepage from the rear. I ordered another gasket, this time one from Felpro with cork for the front and rear. 4.5 hours of work later no oil leaking! Truck gets up to operating temp and runs like crap. Dies at idle while in gear. Assessment reveals leaks!

    After researching I found that the Elderbrock gaskets are .060" thick. Felpro is .030" thick Bought a new Felpro Performance 4 piece gasket set with runners .065" thick . 4.25 hours of work later (done this twice now and getting good at it) with minor adjustments to the carb and all is NOW running right.

    One other learning, the second bolt from the front on the drivers side should be replace with a ALLEN head bolt. This alone will save you 15 minutes.
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