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Is there a fender tag decoder for a 1978 power wagon?

Discussion in 'Power Wagon' started by Pinetopgirl, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. Pinetopgirl

    Pinetopgirl Member

    Feb 14, 2015
    i just bought me a project power wagon, 1978 3/4 ton 4wd. I'd like to restore her to as close to her original state as possible, but I can't find a fender tag decoder.

    The tag only has 3 rows, third line is the vin
    064945 w2 131 Conv cast
    PT8753 PZ8752 PXT
    except that I can't really tell if the engine code is really an f or an e....

    I'm still working on deciphering the door tag.... It has a vin, a number that I can't decipherwhat it it supposed to be, then the model, w20, and "ton" FZ586301
    Any info would be appreciated!!!
  2. ImperialCrown

    Level III Supporter

    Jun 8, 2008
    Welcome to Allpar. The 1978 factory parts and service manuals would have a breakdown of the ID tags in the front of the book. Having the manuals might be a good investment for restoring the truck. They can pay for themselves the first time you use them.
    TON is truck order number.
    131 looks like the wheelbase in inches?
    W2 or W20 would be the model designation (3/4 ton; 4WD).
    You may find VIN decoders on the internet or someone may have a manual to look them up for you. I jump from 1970 to 1982 trucks. I don't have the 1978 truck book.
    Some larger public libraries may have old factory service manuals in the backroom stacks. You can call and ask or your library may have an internet 'libraweb.org'-type material inventory look-up.
    This is from Chiltons and doesn't offer much:
    Best of luck to you.
  3. pt006

    pt006 Active Member

    Dec 24, 2014
    Pine; the PXT might be the paint code? From a diff. year truck manual: your truck vin shows a 1978 dodge , W200 model, regular cab-8' sweptside body [131" WB], 6001 to 10000 GVW, 360-1 --- 2 BBL carb, from the Warren plant. That's all I could find.

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