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Is There a Future for the Trucks?

Discussion in 'Motorsports / Racing News' started by GaryS, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Fast Eddie

    Fast Eddie Valued Member
    Level III Supporter

    Jun 12, 2014
    I emailed John Wehrly, who was the Manager of the Race Truck Program for Dodge at the time, and my manager in the Race Engine Development Program and here is what he said: "Ok! This stretches my memory, but I think Lackey was the first to use a Joey Arrington engine and I think Setzer almost won Milwaukee in the # 30 Truck. Lackey had a clothes manufacturing business, making kids clothes and blue jeans. I think he ran a truck for three years and moved on. At one time, his truck was the fastest Dodge truck."
  2. Beentherebefore

    Level III Supporter

    Apr 23, 2012
    Thanks, Ed....................That explains why he disappeared from the series after just a few years. As I mentioned back in post #14, I honestly thought that Bessey had a chance pull off the win at the very first official truck series race @ Phoenix in 1995 - the truck ran that well, mixing it up in the lead pack with Hornaday, Skinner, Ruttman, Geoff Bodine, and Schraeder. I don't remember why I even had the race on - possibly one of my racing buddies tipped me off that there might be a competitive Mopar racing (the exhibition races in 1994 had mostly been on West Coast tracks, IIRC). I believe it was actually shown on one of the major TV networks and I was so ecstatic at seeing a competitive Mopar in Nascar after more than 15 years that I went and ordered a cable-TV subscription so that I could watch most of the upcoming races in that series. Unfortunately cable networks still missed a few of the races including Tony Raines' first win for Dodge @ Sedalia in 1997.

    For those of you that are interested, here is the link to the results of the very first official Nascar Truck Series race;

    02/05/1995 race: Skoal Bandit Copper World Classic (Truck) - Racing-Reference.info (at http://www.racing-reference.info/race/1995_Skoal_Bandit_Copper_World_Classic/C )
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