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Is this the next Chrysler 300?

Discussion in 'Mopar News and Rumors' started by srm3500, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. tomaz

    tomaz Active Member

    how about for the next Chryslers, F Areo and give us Big bold grills.
  2. sickboy

    sickboy Member

    First of all, kudos on the rendering darksky. Don't take any guff from people who havent graduated from crayons. (...I'd guess that would be me, too). I really like the sill into rear fender flare. Much better than the Chevy lower cut line into half rear fender fiasco, I mean treatment. I'll agree that the portal front end doesn't meld very well on a sedan, but this rendering does help us visualize what could be. My thought is maybe the rear glass roof idea might make A very interesting magnum replacement. 300 had an estate version offshores. And if dodge is sporty now, maybe Chrysler would be a better fit?
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  3. Medicin-Man

    Medicin-Man Member

    You did a great job. Obviously, it would be even better if the whole car had the same styling language. Take absolutely no insult from this, I know how complicated it really is to make such drawings. Anyway, I would love to own a car looking that great, maybe a little bit smaller than this E-segment beast. :)
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  4. pt006

    pt006 Member

    The new Chrysler must retain some of its classic looks. Similar to Cadillacs. You'll know one when you see one.

    Keep it big or bigger, inside and outside. ----- And then make a little smaller FWD/AWD Chrysler but still big enough on the inside for rear seat passengers. Not looking to build another sports car, too many out there now.
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  5. Nell_Z

    Nell_Z New Member

    I want to say I don't like it, but certain specific areas stand out to me that I'd love to see.

    The one that sticks out most to me is that side crease that seemingly runs from the headlight assembly and back, mirrored on the bottom. I don't know what made you think of that element, but it's brilliant. I'd hope we see that, it modernizes the look.

    You also did this rendering:


    That overall face, with what you did to the side here:


    I wish I could Photoshop to show what I'm seeing, but that would be an amazing evolution to the look of this car. Make it flow, as opposed to the blockiness we've come to know, but also still have that big luxury sedan appearance we've come to know. Also, the Portal wheels look surprisingly good on the 300, who would've known.
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  6. Ian

    Ian Car Freak

    Clean the front end of it and I think it would draw attention back to Chrysler. It is something Chrysler needs right now.
  7. Roadram

    Roadram New Member

    Top picture, yes. Bottom, no
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  8. freshforged

    freshforged Active Member Level 2 Supporter

    i honestly think theres room for both fwd hybrid/electric E sized and rwd conventional full sized in Chryslers docket
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  9. Zagnut27

    Zagnut27 Jeepaholic Level 2 Supporter

    I wonder if any FCA design execs read would be interesting to know if they were taking notes. :)
  10. Ian

    Ian Car Freak

    I've said it before, a RWD/AWD 300 and a FWD Concorde...
  11. Tomguy

    Tomguy Member Level 2 Supporter

    The original 300 was something different. Many people thought it was hideous - myself included. It sold like crazy and drove more buyers to Chrysler than it would have otherwise had from, say, an evolution of the 300M design.

    The same could be said about the Cherokee. While the 300C has grown on me a bit, I still can't say I care for the Cherokee, but it sells in very high numbers - presumably because it's different.

    Many people buy cars as statements. Not just expensive ones. People bought the boxes because they were different. People buy the Juke because it's different. People bought the "New" Beetle because it was different. If FCA can release something different that sells, and keep it fresh enough, it can be a real winner.
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  12. unverferth

    unverferth Active Member

    Good effort.
    But even with the front end it (to me) says "me too". The original 300 (well the current version) was bold and different. You knew exactly what is was and did not blend in with all the jelly bean lookalikes out there. What's with the gaping mouth grilles and wraparound headlights you see on just about every new car these days. (yes I know....crash standards, cooling requirements...etc.) We NEED to be different and that doesn't mean ugly. The current Challenger is a great example of that.
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  13. 2012srtchallenger

    2012srtchallenger Member Supporter

    the Toyota makes them this ugly and they sell so who am I to say anything against the design
  14. GasAxe

    GasAxe Active Member

    But Toyota sells on perceived quality. Chrysler has to sell on design and price. The KL Cherokee has been brought up a few times as ugly that sells, but the Cherokee also has the Jeep reputation, maybe some XJ Cherokee reputation, and is an all around good to excellent vehicle (sans early 9-speed issues) for most people in a booming segment where Jeep is a strong brand. A 300 with RWD and Hemi power won't guarantee strong sales, just look at the current numbers. Chrysler needs the 300 to be a styling hit even if it's the highest quality vehicle ever produced in history. It would take years before anyone believed Chrysler=Quality while style takes just a glance.
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  15. grungerockjeeper

    grungerockjeeper Member

    UGH, no. Just NO. This looks like a typical electric car. In other words bleak, faceless and anonymous. Definitely something for the appliance buyers who don't shop FCA. This would run off the customer that wants a Chrysler product to in any way resemble a large American car. And those wheels are ghastly...but I despise those ninja blade cabbage shredder looking styles universally.

    Oh and let me be clear: I appreciate that time was taken to photoshop this, and Im not knocking the quality of the work. The look of the rendering does NOT appeal to me personally, and its just not very 'Chrysler' looking.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
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