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Is this the next Chrysler 300?

Discussion in 'Mopar News and Rumors' started by srm3500, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. grungerockjeeper

    grungerockjeeper Member

    AND, Toyota also sells on being all enviro-greenie friendly. Whether or not electrics or hybrids actually ARE more environmentally responsible is another debate. The type of person who buys an electric car for any perceived social responsibility likely WANTS an ugly, dorky looking car. The fact that the newest Prius is still selling strong here in Portland (more than all others outside the Tesla combined) is testament to that.

    FCA's whole thing is selling cars to people who are genuinely excited about their purchase and on some level have an interest in cars. Making something so sterile that it appears like an electric shaver on wheels is going to alienate its biggest customer base.
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  2. dakota21

    dakota21 Member Supporter

    I would generally agree with you except that Tesla has some pretty decent looking cars. I wonder if Toyota axed the Prius in favor of the Camry hybrid because people finally realized that they can get a hybrid that's not ugly.
  3. DarkSky

    DarkSky Fully Charged Level III Supporter

    Something to consider: Chrysler has had excellent vehicle designs over the past several years. The 300, although toned down in 2011, is still very bold and "in your face." The 200 and Pacifica aren't exciting, but they are conservative and tasteful, but that wasn't enough for the 200 to stand apart in the midsize segment. Lexus was in a similar situation several years ago before they started implementing the spindle grille on their products. Once they updated their lineup, the sales increased despite what many people considered "hideous" styling.

    2011 Lexus GS
    2016 Lexus GS

    Lexus Sales in the US
    2011 - 198,552
    2012 - 244,166
    2013 - 273,847
    2014 - 311,389
    2015 - 344,601
    2016 - 331,228

    Since Lexus has always been known for it's quality and reliability, it could be argued that that's why they have strong sales. But why did this sales increase occur at the same time when they redesigned all of their vehicles? Reviewers almost universally criticize Lexus vehicles for their styling and yet they continue to sell at an increased rate.

    Chrysler is in a difficult position right now. They have many buyers who have been buying Chrysler for years, and a lot of those people want Chrysler to hang onto their classic, tasteful styling. Unfortunately, that isn't working out too well as evidenced by the 200. The 200 was a nice looking vehicle, but didn't stand out from its competitors enough to draw much attention. Sales of the 300 are also suffering and it is selling at far below its peak.

    Like I said above, even I am not sure whether or not I like the styling of the 300/Portal mashup I made. The point of the rendering wasn't to say that the next 300 should look like that, it was to explore the idea of Chrysler doing something unexpected and radical because that's what it is going to take for them to stand out from the other brands. They can make reliable, high-quality cars but without something attention grabbing, why would anyone give them a second look?

    Chances are, they won't do anything like this and will go a different route with their styling. But if they did something "polarizing" and abandoned traditional design, and their sales increased as a result, would it be such a bad thing?

    (Full confession, I hate the word "polarizing" because people are always going to have different opinions of vehicles but it seems to fit this situation)
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  4. CDJSalesPro

    CDJSalesPro Active Member Level III Supporter

    Sorry but that is a big NO for the 300. Lexus changed their design theme(became more edgy) but they didn't go from a bold grill to no grill. The question you have to ask yourself is "What is the 300?" Most people will tell you that its Chryslers top of the line luxury car. Does the front say luxury?

    I think Darkskys rendering a couple months ago was more on the right track.

    Consider getting rid of the 300's projector headlight for High intensity LED for headlights similar to those used in the portal
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
  5. DarkSky

    DarkSky Fully Charged Level III Supporter

    Chrysler is trying to be a mainstream company. It's time to stop imagining that they are luxury vehicles.
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  6. aldo90731

    aldo90731 Active Member Level III Supporter

    Well, they are now trying to make Chrysler "mainstream" (whatever that means).

    But we will wake up one morning to the news that FCA was sold to VW, GM or the Chinese, and they will want to turn Chrysler into something else.

    I lost count how many different things Chrysler has been positioned to be.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
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  7. CDJSalesPro

    CDJSalesPro Active Member Level III Supporter

    2,983 First of all I didn't say that "Chrysler" was all luxury vehicles...... I said the perception of the "300" was and is the most luxurious sedan that Chrysler offers.
    If you don't think this is the look of a luxury car then you need to get a new profession. No "imagining" here.

    With the 4cly cloth interiors the 200 and talk of a 100......and the Pacifica the image of Chrysler is debatable and "mainstream" may be a better deffinition. Dont fool yaself...people that plunked down 40k+ for a 300 did so because they thought is was nice luxury sedan.
  8. Dave Z

    Dave Z It's me, Dave Staff Member Supporter

    Do you ever stop and look at what you write?

    Except they did not. There are four current Prius models.

    Or they wanted a nicer interior than the Charger had ;)

    I'm not sure if I asked for that, but I might have, because the Portal allegedly contains clues as to Chrysler's future styling. I thought that was a fine combination — and I think that eventually people would get used to it and like it...
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  9. DarkSky

    DarkSky Fully Charged Level III Supporter

    I'm not trying to argue, but if you look at the interior of the 300 versus something like an Avalon, Maxima, or Impala, it isn't really any more luxurious. $40k is about right for a mainstream large sedan. If anything, Chrysler was premium. But the gap between mainstream and luxury vehicles is shrinking, leaving Chrysler to pick one or the other. They aren't competing with the Germans in terms of luxury, therefore they are left to be a mainstream brand.

    And I wasn't specifically targeting your post when I mentioned people imagining Chrysler as a luxury brand. I'm talking more about the people who want the Imperial or some other large Chrysler car to return to compete with luxury sedans. That isn't going to happen. Like I said, time to embrace Chrysler becoming mainstream and look at what they can do to stand out from their competitors - like having radical styling. (And there really isn't a specific look that portrays luxury. Audis look very plain but have nice details. Mercedes models can be boring. Luxury is about quality, reputation, and brand recognition, not necessarily styling)

    That was my thinking too. It definitely seems controversial, but at least it gets people talking about Chrysler. It would be very similar to the Cherokee situation. I think I like it more than the current 300 at least because it is starting to look out-dated.
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  10. DarkSky

    DarkSky Fully Charged Level III Supporter

  11. 77 Monaco Brougham

    77 Monaco Brougham Member

    I like what I see from the side and back, with the tail lights having sort of a family resemblance to Dodge

    Is this the back end from the rendering earlier in the thread, or a new rendering?
  12. DarkSky

    DarkSky Fully Charged Level III Supporter

    New one. Just now made it as a counterpart to the original rendering.


    That is too radical (and beautiful) we will never see that design make it to production I am afraid. Lovely picture.
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  14. pensfan

    pensfan Member

    I love the back. Very distinctive and a nice update to the original look. I could see this as a production look to go along with the rendering CDKSalespro reposted above.
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  15. tomaz

    tomaz Active Member

    Add a 2nd set of LED Strip to the top of the lamps and Body color the rest of the black area. it would look inspired by the portal without being the portal....also give the front a "Low Brow" look across the headlamps and grill.