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ISO a 1965 273 4 barrel intake

Discussion in 'A Body: Duster, Valiant, Dart, etc' started by chris schmidt, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. chris schmidt

    chris schmidt New Member

    Looking for the odd ball bolt holes 1 year only. Original or the Eddie D4B model. I'm in Houston. Chris.
  2. Scrounge

    Scrounge Member

    If you can't find one here, the Houston area has some good swap meets. The next one that I know of is scheduled for Trader's Village the weekend of March 17-19. Another is scheduled at the Humble Convention Center on April 9. There's also one near Conroe at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds scheduled for the weekend of May 19-21.
  3. chris schmidt

    chris schmidt New Member

  4. Bearhawke

    Bearhawke Things happen for a reason

    I hate to say this but; you may be better off getting a set of 1967-7? 318 heads since intakes for them are still available. Your 273 exhaust manifolds are a 100% bolt on.
  5. CudaPete

    CudaPete Active Member Ad-Free Member

    My friend did this on his 66 Cuda. Used an Eddy Performer intake and 600 CFM carb. You do need to retain the 273 exhaust manifolds to fit in the small A-body engine bay. Install hardened valve seats if you get 318 heads without them.
  6. GLHS60

    GLHS60 Member

    2465726 is the casting # of the early 273 4 bbl intake.

    They show up occasionally. Very unique single plane along with odd bolt holes and ports.

    Picture from the internet, not mine.