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IT'S ALIVE!!! (btw "post" should be the first button you come to, not the last)

Discussion in 'Welcome to Allpar!' started by DrDaveUTB4478, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. DrDaveUTB4478

    DrDaveUTB4478 New Member

    Oct 29, 2016
    Got my new Mopar Action yesterday. Saints be praised. Nowhere nearly as robust as it was a year ago, but then, neither am I. Nevertheless, it's just about gets you over the "pop the champagne" threshold. I'm hopin' Cliff's pic was photoshopped to be as cadaverous as possible. If not, then, yes indeed, new blood is dearly needed.

    There needs to be a a emphasis on the new cars (not zackly new, but still pretty bitchin') and the new ENGINES, before they're all gone, and all we have is self-driving electrics. (Definitely time to check into checkin' OUT, once that day arrives.) Sergio is distracted by the implosion at Scuderia Ferrari/quality control issues at Alpha. Don't look to him for anything but bad news.

    The aftermarket seems interested. Edelbrock has new CNC castings, with material and room for more flow still. KBRE is working on a vastly strengthened aluminum block, (and hopefully a 5.3 bore spacing, and heads to match version). With sufficient real estate, port and valve sizes can be increased enough to out flow the '26. Inherently better (how could it be much worse? 7K rpm was stratospheric back in '63 when it was designed. Watch the gen II pushrods on a spin tron - shocking!) valve train. Bryant and Crower can adapt cranks for a BIG inch gen III, so it can be used in PM. Rods and pistons are no thing.
  2. AdminDave

    Staff Member

    Jun 12, 2013
    Post New Thread is on the top right, in blue. Except if you're in a thread already.

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