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Jack points '14 Charger

Discussion in 'Challenger, 300, Magnum, Charger' started by desavona, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. desavona

    desavona Member

    Had a flat tire today, so had to get the spare on. I had never looked for the jack points before. Found a rubber puck-like point just in front of the rear tire that seemed a likely spot to set the jack. Guess it worked, got my spare on and went to get my tire patched successfully. I did get to use the fancy chocks we got for the recall lol.

    I didn't see a rubber puck-like area in the front of the car though. Anyone know where to jack the front of the car if needed? (And was I correct to use the rubber puck-like area for the rear tire?)

    Also, I have a general question when changing a tire. I knew to loosen the lugs before lifting the car, but I removed them. Looking tonight trying to find answers to my above questions, many sites say not to remove the lugs until the car is in the air. Why? Is it a safety issue if the car falls off the jack?
  2. ImperialCrown

    ImperialCrown Moderator Level III Supporter

    Loosening the lug nuts on the ground and removing them once the tire is off the ground is the safest way. If the car were to shift while being jacked, chocked and supported, it could land on the ground or on you. Always find firm, level ground, turn on your 4-way hazard flashers if you are on the road and set the parking brake before beginning.
    The lift points are shown on p. 519 of the owners manual. The car is lifted at the pinchweld in the front and on the rubber support pad in the rear.
    Several pages in the manual are devoted to safe jacking practices:
    2014 Dodge Charger Owner's Manual
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  3. desavona

    desavona Member

    Thanks. There was a quick guide on tire changing in the spare tire area, but it wasn't clear to me where exactly the points were just by looking at the pictures. The manual is actually clearer lol. Didn't think it would be any different than the quick guide Dodge provided.

    It's funny, in 15 years of driving I've changed exactly 2 flat tires. Not too bad of a track record, but it doesn't make for proficiency.
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  4. sickboy

    sickboy Member

    For people with a standard hydraulic floor jack, can anyone point to a good "pinch weld adapter"? Currently using a modified hockey puck, but it really doesn't cut it
  5. Bob Lincoln

    Bob Lincoln "CHECK FAULT CODES" Level 2 Supporter

    I see that the owner's manual doesn't show the vehicle lift points for floor jacks or vehicle lifts. Chrysler owner manuals always used to show these as well as where the scissors jack goes.
  6. moparroy

    moparroy Member

    Yes and when you find them in the service manual they are not getting any easier to access in the recent models. :(
  7. sickboy

    sickboy Member

    This thread caused me to buy a "premium magnetic jack pad" off of amazon. Saw it used in a YouTube video. Went with the rectangle vs the round base as some were complaining the round base interfered with floor pan (camaro). Price was 25-40$. Hefty, but I put on winter wheels every year, and do my own service.
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