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Journey starting problem

Discussion in 'Dodge Journey' started by unstartable, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. unstartable

    unstartable Member

    Aug 25, 2016
    I like my Journey overall, but Chrysler's STAR case system/manager and Dodge's 'independant'(Chrysler support line loves to use that word - as if the Dodge dealers I have taken my car to are not associated with them) dealers' service are another story.
    Like you, I have been having an intermittent no-start problem for over a year now. I have gone through three Dodge service locations - Nanuet NY, Meriden CT and now Wallingford (where the car has been for over a week with no offer to supply a loaner car).
    Last year I left the car with Rockland Dodge, where it was bought new. I had an extended warranty from 3rd party. They told me the starter was probably the problem, but would not guarantee that was the cause - so my warranty would not pay for it. They replaced the battery instead.
    The problem occurred not long after and I brought car to Meriden Dodge - they could not duplicate the problem.
    The problem continued on and off, brought car to Executive Dodge in Wallingford. They did TSB for starter ground wire.
    The problem occurred months later - back to Wallingford, did S03 recall WIN replacement, flashed keys.
    The problem occurred a few weeks later - back to Wallingford - new keys.
    The problem continued on and off, could usually start car by stepping on brake and pumping gas pedal. When this no longer worked - back to Wallingford. They say it is the starter (you remember - the same thing first diagnosed while under my now-expired warranty). No loaner car offered, and they refuse to look into any other possible cause(TRS/Neutral safety switch, TPCM or any of the reported fixes posted on the internet).
    They want over $1k for starter(which should have been covered free a year ago) and brake pads. I paid $400 at local garage.
    Guess what - the day after I pickup car with new starter - same problem. Back to Wallingford Dodge - they say it is the starter again.
    A dozen calls to Chrysler, whose reps told me every day for a week someone would call back either within an hour or the next day, then they lost initial call to start case, finally get a case manager who tells me they won't cover repair to a non-Dodge part.

    The car continues to sit at the dealership in Wallingford.
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  2. Doug D

    Doug D Virginia Gentleman

    Aug 10, 2000
    Welcome to the No Start Club.....

    I posted about my no start issues not long ago:

    2010 Journey SXT 3.5L no start

    Our Journey is well past warranty coverage (110K miles) so getting Dodge to cover it was a non-issue. The symptoms didn't show up until after the warranty expired.

    I've narrowed my issue down to 1) the starter 2) connections at the starter and/or the TCM 3) the TRS (transmission range sensor). I've yet to get the fault codes, but I'm leaning towards the TRS. AS I posted in the other thread the no start issue has been intermittent until about 2 weeks ago. Then it just wouldn't engage the starter. It would click, nothing more. Old school thinking would indicate a weak battery, but my battery is only 10 months old and tested good. Further research suggested that when the no start condition presents itself, shift the gear select to neutral and try again. 99% of the time it will work. In my case it did. That suggests the TRS or its connections may be the area of concern. The TRS is only a $40 part, but replacing requires dropping the pan, removing the filters, then the valve body to access the TRS. Not a cheap solution (figure $300-$500 or more). Simply put, if the PCM cannot get a val

    Ever since I started in neutral, it has not failed to start in park.

    I would not expect Dodge to cover a part they didn't replace. Probably wasn't the issue in the first place though I understand how one could come to that conclusion based on the symptoms you were having. I thought the same way.
  3. dodgeismycar

    dodgeismycar Active Member

    Mar 21, 2012
    My 2013 with the 2.4 occasionally does not start right away.
    The start button remains in until it starts.
    It has never NOT started but the amount of time the button starts is a bit scary to me.
    Any thoughts??
    Thank you!!
  4. ImperialCrown

    Level III Supporter

    Jun 8, 2008
    If it doesn't happen with a technician present to witness it, it is frustratingly difficult to verify a problem like this.
    A data recorder like the Co-pilot might show the shop what is happening between the time that you turn the key and the time that the starter engages. All you have to do is press a trigger button when the delay occurs and the Co-Pilot will record what the PCM was seeing sensor/input/output-wise for the 90 seconds before you pushed the button:
    There is a recent TSB # 18-050-16 that addresses communications issues between modules if this is what is causing the delay in starter engagement. This is a PCM software update that helps 62TE shifts issues as well. It should be covered under your 8/80 extended federal emissions warranty.
    Does the vehicle have a Remote Start?
    It is very difficult to diagnose 'intermittent electrical' and if you replace a part on a guess, then you risk being wrong (its actually worse for the shop because they are wrong with the customer's money).
    OfficialMopar is present on Allpar forums from time to time and may be able to review your history and make suggestions and arrangements for a crack at trying to repair this:
    This is an older thread that may or may not relate to your issue:
    2009 Journey starting problem
  5. dodgeismycar

    dodgeismycar Active Member

    Mar 21, 2012
    Thank you so much.
    The remote starter is the common thread.
    The problem occurs when I remote start and then drive about 5 minutes then try to restart.
    Thanks again ImperialCrown.

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