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Lets merge IVECO into Ram International

Discussion in 'Mopar News and Rumors' started by freshforged, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. npaladin2000

    npaladin2000 LOAD "*",8,1 Level 2 Supporter

    Cabovers aren't really all that popular in the US anymore. Length regulations aren't the problem they used to be. I see cabovers all over the place in the Phillipines though. Given how congested some areas of the country are, I'm not surprised.
  2. MJAB

    MJAB Active Member

    Ram Promaster City and Ram Promaster are not "heavily" modified.
    Suspensions are tuned to U.S. market needs, but that is also done for other markets.
    For example for Fiat Ducato in Europe there are at least 6 variants of rear leaf springs,
    The "heavy" modification was adding new powertrains, 2.4 gasoline + 9 speed automatic and Pentastar V6 + 6speed automatic, and U.S. emission control system for the FPT Industrial diesel engine (sensors, how is controlled,... is different since rules requirements are different).
  3. srm3500

    srm3500 Member

    The power train is an easy fix...... just drop a Cummins in them. :p:D
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  4. MJAB

    MJAB Active Member

    The easier to introduce would be the Iveco Daily, that overlaps with what is an Isuzu N series (that should be the one that GM will import.

    The 3.0 F1C engine is same as the one in Ram Promaster, but used in longitudinal position.
    With last generation were introduced the option with ZF 8HP transmission (commercial vehicles version). For now doesn't have the PTO with the ZF 8HP.

    It also has a little bit of nose, so more in line with North America preferences.
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  5. redriderbob

    redriderbob Mopar Guru! Supporter

    Suspension updates, powertrain updates, minor styling tweeks, as well as interior tweaks. There is quite a bit of difference.
  6. CNT900

    CNT900 Member

    I had hoped we would see the Daily rather than the Ducato, but again with the formation of FCA and the spin-off of Iveco/CNH that now seems very unlikely. The Daily is a better competitor to the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter.
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  7. BobbiBigWheels

    BobbiBigWheels I'm likely at work... Ad-Free Member

    Be mindful that even currently a Chrysler dealership must be licensed to sell Promaster, Ram 4500+ trucks, and SRT. All separate licenses. My dealership does not have large enough hoists to work on Ram 4500+ trucks, so our sister store sells those, we sell Promaster's within our autogroup.
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  8. Dave Z

    Dave Z It's me, Dave Staff Member Supporter

    If GM is selling Iveco trucks, Ram dealers are going to find it hard to compete ...
  9. redriderbob

    redriderbob Mopar Guru! Supporter

    Exactly right... we even have special Ram Commercial dealers here in Michigan, like Sterling Heights Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram has their own Ram Commercial Center...

    Ram Commercial Truck Center | Sterling Heights DCJR (at )
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