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Low profile ramps

Discussion in 'Non-Mopar Tech Support' started by greaseonhandsfromasundance, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. AC TC

    AC TC Well-Known Member

    Dec 3, 2004
    And why do you think that theres crude in tha pan that flows out if you remove the plug?
    - key thing here as with all oilchanges is that you shouldnt wait to long Before an oilchange...
    - next importand note is to change the oil on a warm Engine, it´ll take forever to get Cold thick oil out with a vacum changer. so its kind of self instructing.
    Theres isnt a quart left in the pan and you can easily pour in half a quart or so to flush the bottom out.
    - whats most important is that you do change your oil on a regular basis.
    I like no more than 10 kmiles or atleast once a year, if its only short trippning twice a year. Always change the filter.
    And i use HDEO if the Engine doesent have a finickly MDS or VVT system, they are cheaper and better performers in most ways except for viscosity availibilty. Chose an CI or CJ one
  2. Ed Brock

    Ed Brock Member

    Oct 18, 2019
    I don't want to appear to be rude, but, I have seen the result too may times on your method of oil changes. Yes, you personally may take the time to do the job correctly, I not doubting that. However, many people (quick change oil places for an example) don't . Have you ever removed a drain plug and looked at the "stuff" you can get out of the bottom of your oil pan? Even if you have no known issues, a stock engine, drive like the factory "thinks" everybody should drive and let your engine run long enough to get to max operating temperature, there CAN (not always) be some crude in your oil pan. At our shop we go the "extra step" and add a little oil after the old oil is at a drip, then wait until it STOPS dripping. That's how our shop does it. I'm not saying your way is no good, it's that I have seen the other side of this issue
    Thanks Ed.

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