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Metro Detroit CDJR Dealers Recommendation

Discussion in 'Car Dealer Hangout' started by MoparGuy413, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. MoparGuy413

    MoparGuy413 Active Member

    Jan 18, 2017
    Hopefully, there's enough members here from the metro Detroit that can help.

    I moved to Rochester Hills for a position at FCA in mid-July. Rochester Hills CDJR and Suburban CDJR in Troy are two of the closer dealers, but I'm interested in which dealers treat customers better in the sales department and in the service department.

    The 3 closest to me are Rochester Hills, Suburban, and Szott M-59.

    I don't mind travelling to a good dealer with a good sales staff, or specifically one salesperson, and a good service department.

    Thanks all

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