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Mopar’s already geared up for 2018 Wrangler JL

Discussion in 'Wrangler, CJ, Wagoneer, other traditional Jeeps' started by Dave Z, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Dave Z

    Dave Z It's me, Dave
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    Jan 23, 2001
    Production of the 2018 Wrangler JL is still 13 days away, but Mopar has already unveiled an entire showroom full of aftermarket goodies for the newest Jeep in the family.


    The reason is simple: the Jeep Wrangler is, quite possibly, the most aftermarket-altered vehicle sold in the United States today. Fully 98% of Wranglers have at least one Mopar aftermarket part. Perhaps that’s why the first intentional showing of the 2018 Wrangler JL is at the specialty-equipment manufacturers’ show in Las Vegas.

    With a virtual guarantee that nearly all “JL” buyers will mod their new Jeeps, Mopar didn’t hold back, spending over 100,000 hours developing, validating and testing the new equipment.


    As you’ve already heard, they’ve added an auxiliary switch bank and power distribution center on the dash to accommodate customer add-ons — an idea brought over from Ram chassis cabs.

    Some of the goodies are being previewed today in Las Vegas, at the SEMA aftermarket show. Mopar head Pietro Gorlier wrote that Mopar had taken input from Wrangler owners to create the lineup of accessories and performance parts.


    New LED off-road lights, in five and seven-inch sizes, pump out up to 8,000 lumens, putting commercial and military grade illumination into the hands of hard core off-roaders. They mount to the frame rails, winch guard, or windshield via new brackets.


    New rock rails are thicker and wider to protect the body, and use the same non-slip coating as Ram bed-liners. An off-road bumper for the Rubicon maintains factory standards and fits the SUV’s look.

    New beadlock-capable 17-inch aluminum wheels have a 12 mm offset to take oversized tires; other 17-inch five-spoke off-road wheel options are available in silver, black, and a “gear” design.


    The two-inch lift kit, when paired with high-top fender flares, can handle oversized 37-inch tires.


    The 2018 Wrangler JL will be the first to take a Mopar roof rack; it can take cargo carriers for skis, snowboards, bicycles, and other gear.


    The Mopar tailgate table flips out to create a utility space and beverage holder, and folds up for storage. The first aid kit now has individual pockets.


    New grab handles are now hard-secured to the sport bars, for increased grip. Mopar has also launched mesh and solid bikini tops, to keep the open feel but protect from the sun; new screen protectors block dust and debris from cluttering Uconnect displays and can enhance their visibility.


    Other parts include graphics, tire covers in a variety of styles, all-weather floor mats, cargo trays, grab handles, and fuel doors. Among the graphics are a “1941” hood design for the Sport and an American-flag theme; all Wranglers can carry bodyside graphics, including a subtle 1941 stripe and a Moab-type off-road silhouette. Tire covers include camo, American flag designs, and Jeep designs, and were redesigned because of the integrated rear-view camera.


    Mopar had access to the Jeep team’s precise data for seamless integration, including color, fit, and finish.

    According to Pietro Gorlier, virtually every Mopar product for the new Wrangler is “new, redeveloped, or redesigned.” The full list will be on Mopar’s Jeep Performance Parts page.

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