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Neon Refresh (2nd gen) - Why no 2.4 Liter Engine?

Discussion in 'Neon' started by tomit, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Stratuscaster

    Stratuscaster Vaguely badass...
    Staff Member Level III Supporter

    Jul 5, 2001
    That, and the Neon was not considered to be a car worthy of a "premium" option.
  2. Braver69

    Braver69 Member

    Oct 21, 2008
    Hey Bob, not too bad on the 2.5 but at the drags I have taken the neon 2.0 to 8,000 rpm. Granted I did modify it to stiffer valve springs as the stock valve train floated at 7,000 rpm or so. I just don't see the 2.4 matching that, not saying it's impossible just very unlikely. Oh I also had a performance pcm in it which allowed the higher rpm. At 8,000rpm those balance shafts are turning 16,000 rpm and I just don't see them staying together.
  3. Bob Lincoln

    Bob Lincoln "CHECK FAULT CODES"
    Level 2 Supporter

    Jul 10, 2002
    Nor would Chrysler. That's why a stock engine is not made to, nor does it need to. :rolleyes:

    And I guarantee you a stock Neon's ECM would cut out the igntion way before 8K RPM, as my Daytona did. It would have to be bypassed or modified to get to 8K RPM.
  4. Scatch

    Scatch One Bourbon, One Scatch...

    Oct 8, 2002
    A member of my Neon club had a G1 with a 2.4L swap. That thing was pretty fun to drive.

    What wakes these cars up more than anything is a transmission swap, though. It's a night/day difference between the stomp-n-steer and the row-your-own.
  5. Rick Anderson

    Rick Anderson Well-Known Member

    May 28, 2002
    The Neon's had a speed limiter and rev limiter built into the PCM. It would cut off fuel/ignition at a certain speed or rpm. The Speed Limiter would be set for the Speed Rating of the Tires that the vehicle came equipped with OEM. The Rev Limiter was set to a few hundred rpm above the Redline on the Tach.

    So, depending on the year and options, there were different limits. The R/T and ACR's of some years came with higher speed rated tires, thus a higher speed limiter. The DOHC had a higher Redline RPM than the SOHC, so it came with a higher rev limiter.

    The 2nd Gen Neons came with a rev limiter for when the engine was in Neutral or Park, very low, like 3500 rpm. Perhaps because of the warnings of reving the engine in neutral could damage the AC Compressor, or perhaps to combat the teenagers doing neutral drops to spin tires.

    The Mopar Performance and some of the aftermarket performance PCM's had higher rev limiters and speed limiters, but I don't think any eliminated them.

    Balance Shafts? One of the performance mods is to cut and remove the chain for the balance shafts on the 2.4L, people that did it, commented the difference in NVH from the engine is barely noticeable. The 2.4L is longer stroke than the 2.0L, which makes sense the greater reciprocation would create more NVH and thus they may have believed the balance shafts were necessary when the 2.0L was not equipped with them. Or perhaps the 2.0L was designated the lesser engine and not worth the premium of balance shafts.

    The only automatic trans option till near the end, was the decades outdated 31TH, combined with a poor low end torque of the 4 cyl did not make for good performance. Meanwhile a good Manual Trans was on the shelf and it did make all the world of difference.

    IIRC, my Neon R/T came OEM PCM Rev Limiter was 7250 RPM, the Mopar Performance PCM I put in it was 7400 RPM. I rarely bounced off the rev limiter, but drove a little crazy and took the motor up to redline often. And with a 7k redline, that alone was good enough reason to use Synthetic Oil, that superior film strength would protect better than conventional under the high stress.

    On the forums there more than a few complaints of Neon 2.0L spinning a main bearing, my personal theory was people not using better oil, not changing it often enough and then taking the motor up to the high redlines it was capable of. Not to mention another favorite topic on the Neon forums was switching to lighter and lighter weight oil, for some reasons the younger folks with Neons got the impression that the lower the viscosity numbers on the oil the better it must be. People were litterally posting "I've been hearing good things about 0 weight oil, I think I'm going to switch". And when I wold post, "No stick to the 10W30 that is recommended, thinner oil is not better for you engine" it would go right over their heads. They would say things like, "Have you've picked up a bottle of 0 weight oil and shook it, its like water" Ugh, there was just no reasoning with some of these folks.
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