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Oil change- a gusher

Discussion in 'Minivans · Pacifica' started by ford2go, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. Doug D

    Doug D Virginia Gentleman

    Aug 10, 2000
    If you think 6 quarts is a lot, a friend of mine has a 2007 Porsche 911. It holds 12 quarts (2.5 gallons of oil). There's 4 quarts in the pan and another 8 quarts in a separate oil reservoir.

    Side story - he use to have a 1986 911 that he purchased in 1991. After buying the '07, he actually sold the 1986 911 for more than he purchased it for in 1991 ($8,000 profit).
  2. Skinpine

    Skinpine Active Member

    Jul 24, 2014
    First time I changed oil in our 2012 Grand Cherokee I got the gusher also. I have been more careful since but it doesn't seem to gush as bad as the first time. Maybe the original oil is thinner? Or maybe I took the filter cap all the way off? I just know I haven't had the big mess since the first time

    I believe the correct way is to loosen the filter cap first (past the o ring), drain oil, replace plug, replace filter and o ring, pour in 6 quarts. More steps and crawling if you doing other ways. This is about the easiest car I have ever had to change oil.
  3. Bob Lincoln

    Bob Lincoln "CHECK FAULT CODES"
    Level 2 Supporter

    Jul 10, 2002
    The Detroit Diesel 6 that we had in our fire trucks was a displacement of about 426 CID and held 24 quarts.

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