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Opportunity for a WJ

Discussion in 'Grand Cherokee, Durango, etc' started by JavelinAMX, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. JavelinAMX

    JavelinAMX Active Member

    I stumbled upon a V8 2001 WJ for sale (a Limited?. I couldn't get close enough to see a badge, unfortunately), Private Party.

    I was really just starting to look for a used Commuter Hatch, and found this.

    I wanted to ask those in the know here how much you'd pay for a WJ with what I'm supposing is a low to mid-height Lift Kit (3" or so, not real sure if it's higher) and off-road tires ... 33's, I'm guessing. I read on the windshield V8 - 100K+ miles.

    It was by a Freeway off-ramp where I was waiting for the traffic light, but on the other side of the freeway chain link and beyond that a 2-foot cinder block wall but you could see it - it was in a parking lot of a business that backed-up to the off ramp. So I crawled a bit before punching through the green. I couldn't figure how to find the Store Front to see it up close.

    I couldn't get close in my drive-by, but it looked squared-away with no obvious dents or crummy scratches on the front fascia, windshield, top or doors (the only part I could see clearly).

    This is a lousy description, but it's the best I can do.

    What do you think the max price should be?

    When it rains, it pours ... immediately after that I found 3 others - they were 4.0L ; each of them were just 'Cars', not looking like they were ever off-road. I only saw 1 Econo-Box, oddly enough.
  2. Zachary

    Zachary Member

    I own a 2000 WJ Limited with the 4.7 V8 and it is a super solid vehicle. Stock, and in "retail condition" they price at $4,500. With those miles, I'd be asking about any "Death Wobble" (as well as take it on a test drive to find out), and see what major items have been replaced with the lift kit, if any. Mine (stock everything) gets 13-16 mpg (173,000 miles).

    That being said, the 4.0L is a super solid engine, so if you were looking for better gas mileage, go for that. The Grand Cherokee is one of the most versatile and easy to drive vehicles I've ever driven, and would feel safe letting my grandmother in one.

    I'd go kick some tires, get some info on it, and see what he/she's asking. Never hurts to just get some info.
  3. pjfsu331

    pjfsu331 Member

    Jave - what general geographic area are you in?

    I've been monitoring the local selection of ZJs and WJs in the Metro Detroit area and, in my opinion, it's a sellers market right now; stock fairly limited, prices currently on the higher side of normal.

    I quickly found an 02 WJ Limited in "good" shape at best, with the 4.7L and 169k miles for $4950. There were some dents on the outside and defects on the inside. To me, considering those factors and that its 15 years old the price seems high.

    I'd also suggest taking a look. Might quickly find out that it's a pass...who knows
  4. JavelinAMX

    JavelinAMX Active Member

    Many thanks. Definitely appreciate your input.

    I go on again, off again, between a van and the WJ. I know ... an odd pairing.
  5. JavelinAMX

    JavelinAMX Active Member

    I'm a veeerrrrry long walk from you. I live on the outskirts of Phoenix Arizona.

    I have to factor-in Sun damage, since I'm in a desert community. Out here, in addition to the wear of mileage, Batteries and anything rubber has far, far less life than most other places.

    Your thoughts are helpful, though. Thanks for taking time to respond.