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Rubicon Freedom Edition

Discussion in 'Wrangler, CJ, Wagoneer, other traditional Jeeps' started by RubiconFreedom, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. My time away from the forums beleave lead us to believe that we're aiming for the 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport S. But.. We've wanting to do a few things just to make it our own. I've figured that with the purchase of the Sport S, we've add a few things which would make the jeep look like a Rubicon for less than it would cost to actually buy Rubicon or anything higher than a Rubicon according to the Jeep site.

    Although we like the 75th anniversary edition, I doubt we could even afford it. but one can never tell what or how the dealer will respond when we show them we have 20K or so down. So again we figured to purchase a well equped Sport S and based on it's 9.7 ground clearance.. No lift would be necessary unless we find one like we spotted last weekend.

    We visited a local dealership on a Sunday (which they were closed) and I spotted a 2017 Jeep Wrangler that was sitting about 2 inches high that the other sport models. Clear signs that this jeep was tinkered with was evadent when I noticed the red rubicon shocks and new coils.. Although I was told via another forum this could have been a used jeep with this added.. the thing is the window sticker clearly says "sport' and not a sport s or even a rubincon. The really odd thing here is that the price tag on this lifted sport was 27K.. So to a trained eye this would be a great deal getting a 2 inch lift at the price of a sport.

    Again our hopes are to locate a Sport S and place a few items on the jeep to make it look like a "Baby Rubicon" In this image, I've used parts from 3 other jeeps (Rubicon, Freedom, 75th Anniversary) to create our the 2017 Rubicon Freedom Edition all for less than what it would cost to buy a fully equped Rubicon.


    I think what the issue is, Is that we like certain elements of all four of these jeeps, but Jeep doesn't offer this type of setup or edition. Creating one ourselves would allow us a few weekend projects. A few things to point out would be the 10th Anniversary hood, bumpers and wheels, while the freedom decal would start on the drivers side and continue over to the passengers side where as it dowant on the actual freedom edition.

    The main thing would be to set the Sport S up with the premium soft top and other components which we couldn't install ourselves for the begining. We're still looking at more than 9 months down the road.. so things could chnage. Just wanted to show what the end result could look like and would be simple to achive.
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  2. valiant67

    valiant67 Rich Corinthian Leather
    Level III Supporter

    Jan 7, 2003
    Have you looked at the Willys Wheeler?
    It may give you a lot of what you want.
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  3. Like I said in the above post. We like different elements from nearly all of the jeep editions.. But the only one we truly like is the 75th Anniversary. So we've had to choose things we like about one jeep or several jeeps and include them into our own version. So Yes we've looked at the willy.. But found the painted grille and wheels aren't very attractive.

    This leads me to wish Jeep should allow us to pick and choose which options we wanted along with what accessories we like. But I feel it would cost us more to have them build the jeep like we want it, where as we could be driving our dream jeep quicker and have weekend projects thereafter.
  4. Welp the Rubicon Freedom Edition has just been updated. According to the wife, she's wanting painted or color matching fenders.. checking the jeep site.. the first sign of a jeep that has the painted fenders is the Freedom Edition.. So this means I've altered the images above as to include painted/color matching fenders.

    A couple of other things that's change is we've taking the high rise hood off the table and sticking with the flat freedom hood. Also, not liking the Freedom wheels, we're still going to add the gear design Rubicon wheels and 10th anniversary Bumpers. So instead of having our sight set on converting a Sport S, we'll be looking at doing some mild add on to a Freedom edition.

    Over all the Freedom edition as is from the factory seems to have all the elements we want excluding the wheels and bumpers.. which would still give us a few weekend projects. But we still have the hope of owning a 75th anniversary and will shoot for that jeep first and fall back on the Freedom edition if necessary. Worse case, we'll fall back on doing our original plan of buying a sport S and adding those other parts later own in the build.

    I still like the idea of continuing the stripe from the drivers side over the cowl and down the passengers side, not sure why Jeep didn't do this to begin with. Personally I like the high rise hood over the flat star hood, but we all know, have to make the wife happy cause she'll be driving this just as much as I will. No matter what jeep we selected, it will have the gear wheels and Anniversary bumpers..
  5. BobbiBigWheels

    BobbiBigWheels The "Front-Line" Perspective
    Level 2 Supporter

    Jun 2, 2016
    @AmpLighter - honestly - buying a Willys with body colour flares and just asking the dealer to swap the grille off of a same coloured Wrangler makes way more dollars and sense than what you're proposing with the Sport S. Buying OEM wheels and tires gouges you horrendously compared to purchasing from factory options. The 75th Anniversary bumpers are also very, very expensive after the fact. There are aftermarket bumpers with similar styling that cost much less. Starting your build on a Willys is, IMO, by far the best option.
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  6. Yep.. you're probably right.. but we're running out of time and would have to find what ever we can get when searching dealer inventory.. We just don't have the luxury of being able to order a jeep in this current stage of the process.. We're looking at late Aug - Dec when we'll start (officially) looking for a jeep.. Just keeping an idea of what we want to work with in mind. For instance the other day we spotted a 2017 wrangler Rubicon.. or so I thought..

    Not really checking.. it had the rubicon decal on the hood and was lifted, but had the painted grille.. which tells me it could have been a willys but with rubicon parts on it.. the odd thing here is that it had rubicon seats.. I'm finding more dealers are willing to swap parts or make acceptations to what the customer wants.. I say this because the wrangler looked like a rubicon, but had a painted grille and the bronze 75th wheels.. This tells me that the dealer swapped out the grille, found a 75th and swapped the Rubicon wheels on the 75th and placed the 75th on the rubicon..
  7. BobbiBigWheels

    BobbiBigWheels The "Front-Line" Perspective
    Level 2 Supporter

    Jun 2, 2016
    You have it backwards - it would have been a Rubicon that had wheels and grille swapped. We would never swap an interior - not just the cost of doing so, but the significant devaluing of the Rubicon.

    Honestly - take a good hard look at the Willys package, get a dealer onboard to do the swaps you're needing. The 75th is a bloated Sahara... Bang for buck it is not a great package.
  8. Well without reading your post before hand, Yes the wife and I drove to the dealership over the weekend and looked at 3 different wranglers, sadly all of those we looked at were out of our price range. However in looking at these wranglers all three are lifted or at different heights. So now I'm on a mission to learn why all 3 of these are different heights.. Another forums has suggested that this is based on the coils placed on the wrangler from the factory seeing how all of these have no been altered by the dealership.. I would have to agree that the factory has place 3 different set of coils on these jeeps.

    I was pointed in the right direction when a jeeper posted pics of Coil he removed from this wrangler unlimited (Rubicon) This had me thinking of a better way to find out what the tags on the coils actually say.. Viewing the Mopar site I was able to locate the actually tag numbers associated with the coils. Turns out there are three sets or groupings of coils that could end up on your wrangler from the factory.

    Here's what the Mopar site & quadratec site list as stock/standard & heavy duty coils/springs

    New Front Coil Range:

    Sport: 10 - 14
    Sahara 14 - 17
    Rubicon 17 - 19

    New Rear Coil Range:

    Sport: 52 - 55
    Sahara: 55 - 57
    Rubicon: 57 - 60

    Note the lower the number, the less stiff the coil and more of a bouncy ride. However, I've found with the help of jeepers actually crawling under their jeeps to verify the coil tags.. some of those who have Rubicons actually have the 14 front coils instead of the 19 coils. This has me wondering if that model year was issued the incorrect coils or those person purchased used or worse case, the dealer swapped them out..

    Getting back you you comment, Yes we like the Willy and it would suit our needs, but it's out of our price range at the moment. In order for us to achieve a willy/rubicon stance.. we could purchase a sport and added the rubicon coils or the 19/59 etc to the jeep.
  9. I've all but given up on trying to understand what all the numbers mean. But one thing that has helped is MoparAmerica and there many knowledgeable staff.. They knew right what I was asking and point me in the right direction. According to the staff, they said that if I was to purchase the 2017 Wrangler sport without any options, I would end up with a lesser coils or what's known as a normal duty suspension.

    My goal would to create or give the sport a Rubicon stance without having to add a lift kit. They go on to say that the best coils for the job would be those off a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited where as those coils are configured to handle the added weight of the unlimited etc.. with the swap, they said I could end up with 1'' 3/4 or more.

    The only thing working against us now is time.. I've been told that the last date order have to be received by Jeep is no later than July 13th. This would mean we would have to order the bare bones jeep no later than June 6th. Those dealership I've contacted about ordering this jeep, have all said this would be pointless, expensive and not worth the effort. But I will continue to move forward with my effort to save money because we're now working 2 shifts and the second shift is going directly into savings to be used as a large down payment.

    Here's what I said via another forum:

    We've been searching from Maine to FLA and far over as Idaho for a new or used 2015 - 2017 Jeep wrangler than have zero options. Most if not all dealership tell us: "If you change your mind about buying this jeep, we can't sell it because it wouldn't have all the goodies everyone wants" Thats just it. we're not going to change our minds..

    We want a bare bones, no frills jeep wrangler and so far it's been very had to locate. as a last resort. We may have to actually place an order for this jeep at a fee of $1,000. One dealership said that this fee is none refundable while another said, this fee would be added to the price of the Jeep.. NOT a reduction to the price.

    I started search for sites that do custom builds and asked them "what If" we wanted a jeep not built but just stock and nothing more. Several dealership who do these kinds of builds actually have stock bare bones jeep on their lots from which to keep their crews busy by adding options as they go along in the hopes a build will attract the attention of some new buyer.

    One might be surprised at how many oddball answers one would get when one actually attempts to order or even locate a dealership willing to order a jeep like we want.. zero options, zero, zilch nada.. except for Auto Trans, Soft top and half doors. Thats right half doors.. It seem this is taboo for dealerships to order a jeep with half doors, Though we have seen half door jeeps online, most of those are manual shift. Getting older we've found we're just not willing to drive a manual any longer.

    One dealership I spoke with the other day, said that if we order the half doors on our jeep it would cost a fortune.. I'm like look at the jeep site.. depending on the model, one can order half or full doors at no extra charge.. so what was 'that" dealership trying to pull. Then theres the part when dealers try to add stuff to the price of the jeep twice.. I notice one sales ticket saying the black accent group (which includes the tube side steps. the dealer added the price of the side steps again.

    I wouldn't say we're a pro at buy cars.. but I think I know what to look for when buying. So our hunt for that prefect jeep continues. One thing that's going to help us, is because President Elect trump has taken office.. Our work load has increase. We've not seen a second shift in over 12 years till last month.. nearly every last drop of the money we're getting from working second shift is going into savings for a down payment. Our goal.. to pay as much as we can on this jeep right from the start and have a little bit left over to do a few things to it afterward.

    My suggestion for anyone wanting to buy any vehicle for the first or second time.. Cash and lots of it.. don't get hooked into having to make payments over and above what's possible just to get into a jeep and avoid those high interest rates.
  10. BobbiBigWheels

    BobbiBigWheels The "Front-Line" Perspective
    Level 2 Supporter

    Jun 2, 2016
    @AmpLighter - what is the cost of parts and installation on the coils?
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  11. Labor Roughly $75.00 per hours (3 hours max)
    Full set of JKU coils & shocks $200.00 (1'' 3/4 boost maybe more)
    Total: $425 excluding any taxes.
    Also excluding the travel time and cost to get to that location..

    Going from this:


    To this along the way but not over night.:

    We've already made arrangements for the wheels, tires, coils & shocks..
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  12. Our search is over. Just ordered:

    2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport
    Granite Crystal Metallic Clear Coat Exterior Paint
    5-Speed Automatic Transmission
    3.73 Front / Rear Axle Ratio
    Trac-LokĀ® Differential Rear Axle
    Half Metal Doors with Manual Locks
    Black Steel and 31-Inch Dueler Tire Package
    Mopar Slush Mats
    Zero Options or other addons (No Connectivity, NO Sirius radio, NO Power options etc)


    Delivery in 6-8 weeks.

    Price?.. I'll disclose this at the time when we go to pick it up. Let's put it this way.. Jeep build site says $29,995 and we're able to purchase this wrangler for way less than that.

    Our objective is to add a few mild options to create our Rubicon Freedom Edition.
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  13. link3721

    link3721 Yes, This MK Goes Off-Road
    Level 2 Supporter

    Oct 18, 2012
    Congrats! I'm sure you'll love it. Props for ordering half doors as well.
  14. valiant67

    valiant67 Rich Corinthian Leather
    Level III Supporter

    Jan 7, 2003
    Good pick getting the 3.73 gears, it's really a dog without them.
  15. @link3721 Moving this topic over to the correct area.

    Nope we're going in a different direction may keep the soft top for a while. But I'm in conversation with Jeff Scherb about trying to create a soft side window with a vent/flip out like the old VW bugs use to have. His current design shows a hard window (slider) on a fabric side. I like the idea.. to some degree, hard slider windows on a soft side fabric.. *ponders* but the wife isn't too hip on it either. We like the look of the bikini top with the back enclosed. But it doesn't appear anyone (other than Off Road hero) created an enclosure like that.

    The problem here, is that we've not heard anything good about this manufacture and we've seen Jeepers take it upon themselves to create their own version of this windjammer as they call it. Using Bestop's jammer window made for a 2 door using it on the unlimited. Been studying.

    True @link3721 about the cargo space. I guess we have this thing about having a soft top on the jeep and there's wasted space within the upper half of the soft top. My idea though (because we have half doors) is to create our own little truck. So when the top half of the second row doors has been removed and an extended duster cover is brought in, it would allow for a truck appearance. As long as we're able to locate or create an extended duster cover, we can keep the second row door tops off and enclose the cabin area.

    Being empty nester having the second row seats would come in handy and only when necessary. Other times it would folded down and tucked away. I'm checking on sport bar storage trays that mount in that plank sport above the duster cover. Not sure if there's enough room or bar on the top to do this. Again at this point everything is research and nothing definite. But wait..

    Updated: Look what I just found!

    Source: JeepBackBone.com
  16. My update this morning,

    Over night I was contacted one of those dealership on my list of possible candidates for acquiring our unlimited.. Mind you we've already posted above that we have an Unlimited sport on order through another dealership. For some odd reason this last email (different dealership) claims they can't order the half doors for the unlimited as to some sort of error with their system.

    Knowing myself, I hit the panic button and emailed our dealership asking if this is true/false. Just got this back from them:

    The order went through with half-doors as promised. We can set you up with the Off Road Dept when we get closer to delivery.

    Dealership "X"

    So one might see that they also said.. "We can set you up with the off road dept etc".. If you're wondering what this all means, I've left a few things out of the email which might explain what happen. Long story short.. We just got an employee discount on several very desirable items/accessories for the new unlimited..Still waiting for the codes to start trickling in from our sales person.

    The other thing, while messing with the multi images I've saved from the jeep site, I realized how fortunate this is going to be.. an Unlimited with 4 half doors.. and I sent word to JeepBackBones about a possible redesign of the products.. they decline to alter anything based on my ideas. So it looks like we might have to build something ourselves and I've asked our company manager to search for aluminum that wouldn't be to heavy or droop while placed on the rear cargo area. I can't say fr sure if we're actually going to do this ourself but when one has the resources to explore.

    We're willing to see what's out there. I think it's a shame I can't contact Off Road Heros about there design. they just have a phone number. Otherwise, I think we have a tentative travel/trip route plan which could take us as far as GA. The reason?.. we're doing what's called a traveling or rolling build. we're going to hit one shop after another and allow those shops to mount or installed components we want on the jeep.
  17. Guess what.. This just in,

    I think she's just as exited about this as we are. Would it be safe to say this was her first time ordering?. As projected, she's even admitting that we could see the jeep as soon as MAY 16th.. I just needed a date (or there abouts) to start making those phone calls..


    "The Rolling Build is About to Begin"
  18. So.. Get this.

    We finally get the VIN number and everyone's saying goto Jeep Chat and enter the VIN. So I goto Jeep Chat, enter the VIN and the Rep says:

    Isn't that like.. next week??

    You mean It took a whole 12 days to build our jeep?.. I mean I knew the jeep was going to be easy to build cause we didn't order it with any options.. except 3.73 gears and half doors.. This is sounding way too easy.. *Bites Finger Nails*
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  19. Because I spoke with John via Jeep Chat a few days ago. They (Jeep) have been keeping me posted about the jeep's progress more so than our dealership. Here's what a Jeep spokesman emailed me this morning (without me asking)

    But does this mean IF the dealership calls us to let us know the jeep is ready, will we go pick it up on a rainy day?. Nope. We'll wait till the sun shines and then the top drops.

    I mean, sure it's not a recon or limited edition.. but it is ours and that how we ordered it.
  20. "The Eagle Has Landed" All systems go, Jeep's on the lot and waiting to be inspected then delivered to us. Even did a quick view of the window sticker online.. everything IS as we ordered..

    You might notice.. ZERO options & NO connectivity groups or Sirius Radio etc..
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