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Rubicon Freedom Edition

Discussion in 'Wrangler, CJ, Wagoneer, other traditional Jeeps' started by RubiconFreedom, Mar 16, 2017.

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  2. imageedit__7055246986.jpg
    Club Halfie, New Member Check In

    This morning, Going to de-badging the decals and fold down the rear seats as to allow for our personal effects. Oh Also, wanted to report in with the Coil tag numbers.. 17/56 So we might still be looking for an upgrade down the road.
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  3. Devildodge

    Devildodge Active Member

    Mar 21, 2015
    Where abouts in pa did you get ice cream. Not sure we are going to get nice weather again in Pennsylvania, snowflakes this morning, but not complaining, I know some members still have measurable snow and ice lol
  4. https://lancasterpa.com/lil-country-store/

    I doubt any "normal" Jeeper would end up doing some of the things we do.. Like today, was still chilly, but we did a 1/4 half doors and drove up through Westminster Passing
    the Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore Inc.
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  5. FYI: Seeing how I don't like this forums format (even suggested they update) and I'm not having any luck with trying to create a build thread on 3 other jeep sites, I've since relocated our "Uncommon Build" thread to CarandDriver's Backfires site.

    Wanted to thank Car & Driver for giving us this opportunity to do something on their site, when no else would..

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