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Sergio confirms media went out of context with VW,defends killing Dart,200

Discussion in 'Mopar News and Rumors' started by Alexbucks, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. freshforged

    freshforged Active Member Level 2 Supporter

    This move by Intel shows they are serious about the automotive industry. Maybe Sergio should look to the tech industry rather than legacy auto industry.
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  2. GasAxe

    GasAxe Active Member

    I agree. Tech and Auto manufacturing is headed on a collision course. The deal with Google is a good step but it would be wise to further solidify a relationship.
  3. Moparian

    Moparian Active Member

    Killed the Dart and 200, their resale values plummeted leaving a bunch of people way more upside down than they should be. I mean they are worth the same and sometimes less than the previous body 200. Good thing I'm only one more trip to the dealer before I can file Lemon Law on mine.
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  4. Ian

    Ian Car Freak

    I just checked the autotrader and 2013 Darts with close to 100k km are selling in the $11-12k range. I didn't see much of a difference from before the end of the line...The 200 is different, they're selling cheap on the used car market.
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  5. Moparian

    Moparian Active Member

    I was mainly referring to the 200. The Dart hasnt really changed in used value but the 200 is abysmal.
  6. Ian

    Ian Car Freak

    Oh I know, I wasn't challenging you or anything. Was just a statement I was making, lol.

    I wonder if it means that the Dart is hot car on the used car market. I don't seem to see a ton for sale on dealer lots.
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  7. valiant67

    valiant67 Rich Corinthian Leather Level III Supporter

    In the US, shows 4799 new Darts (of various years) for sale. January sales were 1397 and February sales were 1683 so there should be several months of new supply. shows 10,827 new 200's (of various years) for sale. January sales were 1861 and February sales were 2194 so there should be even more months of new supply.
    I don't know how accurate the Autotrader listings are, but they are a good indicator of how many are still sitting out there, their sales poisoned by Sergio.
  8. Citation84

    Citation84 Member

    All it takes is an open shirt and some gold chains, anyway, Aldo. The wimmens all love that.
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  9. aldo90731

    aldo90731 Active Member Level III Supporter

    The only tech companies foolish enough to want to get into automotive are Google and Apple. And then there's Elon Musk.
  10. Citation84

    Citation84 Member

    This was tried already and Chevrolet left the european markets. Daewoo as a brand has been gone since 2011. Cadillac makes no inroads in europe. It's always in retreat there.

    GM took Daewoo models, changed the name to Chevrolet and priced the product in line with better automobiles and failed, big time. Though I think Chevrolet still sponsors Manchester soccer in the UK.
  11. Dave Z

    Dave Z It's me, Dave Staff Member Supporter

    It amazes me how much banks are propping him up right now...
  12. Prabhjot

    Prabhjot Member

    A merger(s) or big deals of whatever size and description are essential and entirely unavoidable. Because of a looming us market slowdown or worse, ditto in Europe, elevating risks of financial crisis again, soaring costs, us$ strength etc etc.

    Great thing then the way fca's financial profile is improving as other firms' are under increasing great pressure AND the way all regions of fca global operations are growingly profitable, as are all divisions such as magneti Marelli and Maserati AND the evidently successful so far and foreseeable 'white space' strategy via jeep globalisation and all-new models, via alfa+dodge rwd, via Maserati.....

    Fca is increasingly well placed for/in such discussions. Share price soaring, with a further huge upside even as other auto firms flatline or downtrend. Etc.

    Marchionne ditched usa cars first, now others are scrambling to. Marchionne 'confessed' to being a capital 'junkie' earliest, well now every auto Ceo and investor/analyst agrees on 'consolidation'. Given that he does what he says-with-good-reasons ( eg consolidating f and c into fca) I'd suggest we take it as a given that he will merge or do some such equivalently-enabling large deals by 2018/19.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
  13. Deckard_Cain

    Deckard_Cain Member

    My main issue with Marchionne is that he is a hypocrite. He doesn't want a merger. He wants someone to takeover FCA. That's different. He won't ensure the survival of the group because he just wants to sell it to the highest bidder and to two specific groups: GM or VW. I believe that if the Dieselgate scandal didn't happen FCA would've bought FCA by now.
    Right now it's just a one year delay.

    This is truly frustrating, if anything the Levante has shown that they can have some very good margins in their products. They have tons of segments they haven't attacked in Europe (the C-SUV segment and the B-segment) and I won't even mention the US.
  14. FGA cheerleader

    FGA cheerleader Member

    You got something wrong, very wrong. Agnelli's will stay in the business.
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  15. Erik Latranyi

    Erik Latranyi Well-Known Member Level III Supporter

    Without continued subsidies, grants and giveaways, tech will not touch automotive for the next decade. Even Google realizes that autonomous safety systems that can be licensed to the industry are more lucrative than fully autonomous vehicle production.........being a supplier is better than being a manufacturer.

    Musk has proven that tech cannot make a profit in automotive without massive infusions of cash by taxpayers and investors......and tech is changing direction.
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