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Silver faced radio years?

Discussion in 'EEK! - Every Extended-K Car' started by iowa-k, Oct 11, 2020.

  1. iowa-k

    iowa-k Member

    May 13, 2018
    Still looking for a better radio for my '82 Lebaron.

    What years were silver faced radios available? I know an '82/'83 is a direct fit and '84-2000 radio will work with the adaptor that I have. If the style I am looking for was only available 'till 1987 it would help narrow my search.

    Also my '82 has, from what I understand, a "common ground" speakers. What does that mean and how does it apply if I decide to get an aftermarket radio?
  2. ImperialCrown

    ImperialCrown Moderator
    Level III Supporter

    Jun 8, 2008
    Common ground is the car body (-12v) speaker return to the radio. It really only requires one wire (spkr +) out to the speaker from the radio if the speaker (spkr -) side is attached to the car body.
    I have used 'floating' ground adapters to install newer radios in older (comm gnd) vehicles. Otherwise you run the risk of smoking the audio output ICs.
    Silver faces were on the premium upper trim vehicles, while most lower trim vehicles had the black face.
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  3. valiant67

    valiant67 ...

    Jan 7, 2003
    I believe silver faces lasted through 1987 on certain higher trim cars, then the radios switched to black faces with silver buttons.

    Silver radios probably started in 1981 with the Imperial.
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  4. marty mopar

    marty mopar Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2008
    1982 radios

    w/Mtr (Manual Tune Radio) an offsetting order for part no. 3747881
    1 4048 861 1 MZ,PD,B RADIO PKG.,AM w/o Fader (Black Face)|Except F-S41
    4048 901 1 C,V AM,w/o Fader (Bright Face)
    4048 863 1 MZ,PD,B AM,FM w/o Fader (Black Face)|Excpet F-S41
    4222 565 1 MZ,PD,B AM,FM Stereo (Mtr) (Black Face)|Except F-S41
    4048 905 1 C,V AM,FM Stero (Mtr) (Bright Face)
    4222 475 1 MZ,PD,B AM,FM Stereo (Etr) (Black Face)|Except F-S41
    4222 455 1 CV,F-S4 AM,FM Stereo (Etr) (Bright Face)
    4222 577 1 MZ,PD,B AM,FM 8 Track (Mtr) (Black Face)|Except F-S41
    4222 567 1 CV,F-S4 AM,FM 8 Track (Mtr) (Bright (Face)
    4222 569 1 MZ,PD,B AM,FM Cassette (Mtr) (Black Face)|Except F-S41
    4048 909 1 CV,F-S4 AM,FM Cassette (Mtr) (Bright Face)
    4222 479 1 MZ,PD,B AM,FM Cassette (Etr) (Black Face)|Excpet F-S41
    4222 459 1 CV,F-S4 AM,FM Cassette (Etr) (Bright Face)
    4222 574 1 AM,FM C/B (Mtr) (Bright Face)|Except M,Z
    4222 570 1 M,Z AM,FM C/B (Mtr) (Bright Face)
    4222 573 1 Search Tune (Etr) (Bright Face)|Except M,Z
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  5. GLHS60

    GLHS60 Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2008
    I have a silver one in my 1988 LeBaron sedan but I'm not positive it's original.

    Its the only digital dash Chrysler I've seen without an odometer asterisk!

    The previous 1 owner lady said it was but possibly the dealer swapped it?

    I think the buttons are black but now I'm curious and will have to check.

    It has silver trim around the dash, instruments, heater controls etc.

    I have a dealer (SDS??) radio/cassette in my parts car 1983 Rampage.

    Pretty sure it's black face though but it worked fine and looked clean.

    I assume its the older connector, not the double 1984 and newer?

    I have several radios in my stash, some cassette, some CD and 1 CD/cassette.

    I'll check for silver faces when I get a chance.

    The Rampage unit would be cheap.


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