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timing 64 Dart 225

Discussion in 'A Body: Duster, Valiant, Dart, etc' started by rebelene57, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. dana44

    Ad-Free Member

    Jun 17, 2002
    Not sure about the Mopar junk yard in Sweetwater, usually end up going to Browns Field area to locate what I can. Just for starters, adjust the carb 1.5 turns out from bottoming out gently, but no greater than 2.0 turns out, may help with the rich running. Timing cover coming off may tell a lot about what this great mechanic did, I could tell horror stories about my 68 Charger when I got it. Needless to say, it turned out to be a front to back adjustment, all suspension, wiring, door palels, moulding clearcoated, dash, almost nothing left undone to get it on the road, now it is time to take it all apart for paint when I get to that ponit.
  2. covertopps

    covertopps New Member

    Jun 13, 2012
    With the running better at higher idle speeds sounds more and more like carb issues with some vacum leak somewhere, but that would work with the better cold running either. Hmmmm. I used to have a slant six valve cover with the top cut away for valve adjustments. It kept the oil inside where it belonged while doing a hot lash adjustment. I had a socket brazed to an extension so it would not do the dreaded drop (I learned an expensive lesson to come up with that idea) The slant six is such a pain in the butt to do timing on because of the slant is in the wrong direction. Great for starters and such, but try reaching down to the distributor to do anything, especially with bear claws for hands.
  3. 64ragtop

    64ragtop New Member

    Oct 23, 2004
    Well, DARN!! I just hate it when I'm following a topic on a forum and all of a sudden it just stops. I was hoping to find out that the admitted chevy girl got her slant running like a top and had seen the light!


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